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“Manifesting Wealth | Manifesting” written by Mike Marko.

Are you looking to achieve your dreams but feel powerless to do so?

If you tap into your subconscious you can achieve what you desire.  That’s why I want to give you some tips on how to create the life of your dreams by manifesting wealth.

VIDEO: Manifesting Wealth

In the following video, Bren and I talk about manifesting wealth into your life.

Tip #1 for Manifesting Wealth

Visualize first.  Imagine you already have what you want to receive.   Get into the feeling space as if you already have what you want to achieve.  Using something like a vision board, try to conjure the feeling of having already achieved that goal while looking at the image.  This way you can subconsciously program yourself to start to seek out ways to manifest wealth that you want to achieve.

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Tip #2 for Manifesting Wealth

Determine your goals and what you want can be difficult.  If that’s the case, then we suggest that instead you look at your daily routine and determine what you DON’T WANT.  Then you pivot from there and determine what you want instead.  This will help you to know what you want to visualize about.

You should then also know WHY you want to achieve your goal.  This will help you make the goal bigger than just yourself.  Something that will drive you to achieve your desires no matter the obstacle.

Drill down to the true reason why you want to achieve your why.  Keep asking “why” to your why as you come up with it.

For example, if you goal is to travel the world as yourself “why?”  Maybe the answer is because you like to see things you haven’t seen or experienced before.  Then ask “why” again.  The next answer could be because it is fun!  So the real why is that you want to have fun travelling world.

Then surround your goals with the highest good.  Think about love, providing value, and the sense of connectivity with everyone else.  If you are doing things for selfish reasons, then you will have a more difficult time manifesting wealth, so instead always look at how your goals can achieve the highest good.

Tip #3 for Manifesting Wealth

Take inspired action!

Now that you know what you want, and you are visualizing, then you have to act on things… even if you don’t feel comfortable about it.

Don’t expect to know what you have to do to the letter because you will never know everything before you act.  It’s like building airplane as you are flying.  Don’t strive for perfection… just strive to take action.

If you take action your goals will naturally manifest wealth that you are striving for… just keep taking action and being persistent.

Final Words

Keep these three tips in mind when you are doing your own attempts at manifesting wealth.

But if even if you follow these tips and you are still struggling with getting things you desire into your life?  In my opinion Subconscious Mind Tapping is a training series you MUST GET if you want to have quick, lasting changes in your life.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.  Why continue the trend when there is help available?


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Manifesting Wealth | Manifesting - Mike Marko

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Article: Manifesting Wealth | Manifesting

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