Many talk a good game while others play a great game

Many talk a good game while others play a great game

I was challenged early this year, I had a 3way call and the person on the line said something to me that sorta hurt, he said you get results cause you have a list already and people know you. I said not really all my traffic is organic and the leads are fresh from search result being done.

He said sounds interesting so how fast could he see my results, I smiled and said results are based on work being performed how much time are you willing to invest in your (ONLINE BUSINESS)

I went ahead and told him, this is not for you, that is not a question an entrepreneur would ask. but I will tell you this hang out with my via Skype and see how I work without a list and we will do it from scratch the results are listed below. It took 5 months no list new domain and no paid ads all seo.

All I did was go though a training platform I already owned then started to implement the work and create the content as I went through each video.

The formula is simple “learn it, do it right away, then teach it forward” using videos, audio, pictures and written words (Content) I don’t offer dreams just results. I work efficient not hard, My focus is the growth of my mind not my bank account therefore leading to everything else. That’s one thing I enjoy about the internet the more you know the more you can earn. The product we offer just serve as a bench mark for us to use to get to the next level.

I created Influx Entrepreneur without a real team promoting it. All I focused on was re-coding WordPress to the benefit the Influx Entrepreneur network users. It will not work unless you create content and show up to your computer and apply the effort.

I have yet to find the one click super affiliate program as in my heart it does not exist. I am sharing this with you cause you are inside the heart of Influx some how. I would love for you to take advantage of the machine I create with pure sweat equity. We are now over 323,418 members at the time of this email and we are shooting for 1 million customers.

Our niche market is anyone needing to boost there website traffic and increase leads for the primary business. I won’t promise income as that will be determined by your copy and or product does your customer need or want it? but… on the bright side if you had this type of traffic listed below would you not make a few sales every month?

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