MaRkEtErS hAvE nO rEaSoN tO fAiL BUT YOU DO…

The information has always been there for real online entrepreneurs to seek out, As I continue my studies I see the problem with social media and the desperate marketers. Everyone no matter where you go is trying succeed. You can scroll on anyone timeline it pretty directly Buy this or buy that. How about the scarcity timers everywhere insuring you make a decision on the spot.

Marketing on the internet is mostly for the strong and creative minded Entrepreneurs. If you are weak and easily influenced this Entrepreneur part both online and offline is not for you. The meaning it self Entrepreneur do you even know what what it means? Look it up you might surprise yourself.


Internet marketing is not hard, Internet marketing is broad with many options of marketing and reaching out to a customer base. It’s limitless. You already know you need a website of some sort, what we all are using are called blog websites. Blog websites are cool and fun, giving the option of having standard website , membership website, blog website, eCommerce, review website, support website, FAQ website… So having a blog website does extend your option remember you are running a business, this is the part I love sharing especially with those that want to be better than than me.

It’s funny not too long ago I was told that building a website on wordpress was too easy and anyone could be hosting a wordpress website on there own. The sad part of it all it was true yet many new entrepreneurs online are too overwhelmed with the simplicity yet many insist anyone can built it. Not everyone online was interested in building business online as least the people I speak to are only interested in making a few buck to get buy.

Creative writing using a blog network

The biggest problem we have as Online Entrepreneurs is FOCUS & DIRECTION. It’s Too easy to steer off the road when it comes to marketing or building an online internet business. Social media sites liek Facebook, Twitter, Youtube have a huge impact on our lives. Be fore the internet we had Television to guide us as we only had to select a channel and had no control over advertisement. In today’s world we can skip all the ads and miss many business options to increase traffic and success.

Everyone online have these claims and many are super rich that the idea or business opportunities are pointless. This is web owning a blog network come in handy, Website are found by the power of SEARCH online customers are looking for solution and find your content using the power of seo and content relevancy. When promoting you content online you have just a few seconds before its overtaken by the rest of your social circle before your post is long gone form the news feed.

Understanding social media and how to leverage your content is king. Being social is a full time job and can discourage you from moving forward, don’t fall into the trap and live on social media. I use channels like facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Youtube to promote my individual post I have created. Keep in mind that people on social network want to look at picture of cute thing like dogs and kittens. either you can write about dog tricks and take cute pictures of kittens or focus on news events that are happening today to get people to click on your post.

Marketing correctly

The power of a click and how you will benefit. Having optin pages to collect leads in exchange for a webinar, download or waiting list is where to focus on. Building out the email campaign is not as important as many would think. People don’t open their email as they did before give instructions such as once they opt in make them wait 2-3 days and have them reply to an email before getting further information.  Instruction are very important the reward of doing something to get something is what email users want. If I click her I get this, (Instant Gratification)  remember that and use it into your marketing materials.

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