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4 Effective ways of making money online

I created a blog example of what I was teaching in this video

4 Effective ways of making money online

I created a blog example of what I was teaching in this video…

Step 1- Article and Blogging Marketing

Writing content is a great way to start all you need to do is find a problem someone might be having and solve it using words most people really struggle with this because they focus on making money instead for educating the reader. Focus on the problem and forget about making money online. When you create value the rest will happen all on its own.

Step 2- Audio marketing

Audio Marketing is very unique and really an untapped niche for most online marketers to many focus on the technical video and SEO when really, all you need to do is pull out your smart phone or speak into your computer microphone and RANT about, again… a problem you see with whatever subject you are reviewing.

Step 3- Image Marketing

Images play a huge part in Online Marketing many bloggers hunt and surf the web for images they can’t create so if you have a skill in creating images using Photoshop or PowerPoint even taking pictures yourself about whatever the Sun, Moon, Bugs, Trees, Life or whatever your passion is your picture can really go viral.

Step 4 – Video Marketing

Now Video Marketing is so easy. You can truly pull out your phone and record a message to send to friend’s family and or customers. Another method of video marketing can be presentation using PowerPoint or even screen recording your computer screen. Many Marketing and college professionals like using this method. Recording live events, bloopers, weird bugs, the plants, fish, sunsets go viral on YouTube every day.

Now that you see how simple it can be to market and you’re really serious about running and operating your online business to Start Making Money Online use the tips I shared in this post

Hector Guerrero

I can put all these techniques and promote 5 Products all in one platform I use Empower Network watch the video embed here to get a full understanding.


I created a blog example of what I was teaching in this video…

Hector Guerrero







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