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For year now I have been creating content online for many different online companies. My biggest conversion has always been attraction marketing using video to sell myself. As many different searches are done online. The content is being over looked by the actual customers.  Subscribers and readers are more fond of looking at pictures and watching videos,

With the right picture in palce you can really tell a great story. Picture break a website blog for easy reading . the story line is important but at time more often than one too much information written out might be a bit much for a first time reader. The videos lighten up the information when the information is ready to be accepted.

So what can you do to make your video pop a bit more.

This is a great question and easy to answer. I prefer my face on videos I love telling a good story with facts , as video bloggers sit back and hear my voice you can truth hear the conviction behind my voice. I enjoy talking walks and sharing my thought as they are fresh in my mind.  Let me go ahead and share one of my stories I recently did. this video just just recorded and uploaded to my server. I prefer hosting my video on amazon s3 or my cpanel, i could use YouTube but this is not safe for a real content creator as youtube reserves the right to terminate your video without much notice or anything you can do once the decision is made for you. Enough of that right now let me share the video with you.

This is the bast part of using a custom video player on your main website/blog keep in mind you control the content and the status of the video. No one can have you remove it or flag you for a difference in opinion..  Also giving you the option to brand your company and take the position of authority for your readers and followers.  Now getting back to migration here is a video that shops you how simple it is to Migrate your website on the influx entrepreneur network.

The fact is with over 90 million wordpress customer you might have a wordpress account right now. If so you can use this option when you login into your wordpress dashboard. I would recommend you Migrate your website and supercharge it today and make your website experience much easier. Influx entrepreneur is preload with tons of plugin and a huge inventory of themes you can select. For what ever reason we don’t have a theme you are currently using just shoot us  a support tick and we will handle that for you.

We has so many options to cover but these two option should be enough to get started right away an get your website super charged.  Most webmaster use tools and lots of scripts in the back to charge up there site for instant optimization. If your a webmaster  and ranked in google under 300k  you might not need our platform unless you want to use the webinar we integrated into the network.

Webinars have grown in demand with so many to select from we decided to added this option without increasing the price but instead increase the value of the platform. Here is another quick video breaking it down. This is one of out best selling features for our members and resellers.

I have rambled enough if you have the seen the value you know what you need to do, but if your still undecided all i can say is you really have not looked into the work, read the content or watch ed the video without interruption. I would suggest you take the time to book mark this post and come back when your not distracted for the value provided is beyond expectation this platform was designed for online entrepreneurs with the option to be a reseller or simply just a customer.

Moving Forward!
Step 1: What Products or Services To Sell Online

The first step in building a business on the internet is figuring out what to sell. This is something that most entrepreneurs have trouble with and we want to make sure that you have something to offer when visitors arrive at your website. Without a product or service, you cannot make money, so the first part is to introduce you into the world of affiliate marketing. Affiliate Marketing is the easiest way to start selling products and services online because you don’t have to create anything. All the hard work of creating a product is already done for you.

Either way, it’s important that you learn the strategies of marketing both your products and services, and your business opportunity. Also on the other hand, if you don’t have anything to offer, we will take you through the exact steps you need to take to find profitable products you can sell online.

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