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The Approach And Steps I Take In My
MLM Network Marketing Business

Unlike some MLM Network Marketers out there, I am not going to tell you that it was easy for me to generate leads in my MLM Network Marketing business, and neither am I going to tell you that it was hard because in my opinion, success is never easy and its most certainly not for lazy people. Hence, if I was lazy and didn’t give myself the right mindset, I wouldn’t have been here talking about MLM Network Marketing. To be honest, online business is not for lazy people or for the people who like to ask themselves, “(MLM) Network Marketingwhy would they buy from me?” – First of all, you can not sell what you don’t have and secondly, if your too lazy to make contents and is making someone else’s content(s) yours, then your going to have a problem because you wont be promoting yourself, your brand, your company and your product – you will ONLY be promoting the other person business by uplifting and elevating that person while you stay stuck wondering how come you are not making a head way or selling anything online. As for me and my business, Network Marketing is simple, especially with the right approach, the right title, the right motive and the right keywords. One of my best decisions that I have ever made in Influx and as an Entrepreneur, was assigning myself a mentor, the hours of coaching and doing, helped me to progress, to think positive, to perform and to produce quality work – My MLM Network Marketing business grew and here are the 2 top reasons why:

1. I was fairly new to Network Marketing with little or no experience of how to sell anything online – Mark you, I am a good listener and is always willing to take on new challenges, therefore, with my attitude and frame of mind, I have conditioned my myself to watch, listen and learn from my mentors, from online business leaders and even from those negative marketers out there that are telling themselves it is hard and they can’t do it.

2. I was determine and wasn’t about to fall under the 99% of people who failed in Network Marketing. I know my tools, I did my research, I put the work in, I stayed positive and I knew my target market just from researching my product and understanding it.

This Is How I Generate Leads For My
MLM Network Marketing Business

MLM Network Marketing LeadsThe scientific method and steps of generating leads for my MLM business is effective, reliable, and simple. You as well as myself can have a consistent amount of leads but not knowing how to take those leads and convert them into sales or a possible sale won’t be any different from the 99% of people who failed in online business. What we need to remember is, we are not salesmen or saleswomen, we are Entrepreneurs and this is our business, this is what we do and this is how we earn our money – Are you ashamed of earning money and or what you do as an Entrepreneur? If you are then QUIT. I am going tell you straight up, that online business is not for people like you, if you are not ready to embrace Network Marketing and what it brings – No matter what you do or have selling, it just won’t work for you. So stop wasting your up-line time, your time and everyone else’s time on the internet and just QUIT! Get out of Network Marketing and find yourself another way to make money that doesn’t have anything to do with online business. However, for the ones who are ready and want to succeed in MLM Network Marketing, then you should know that one of the first challenges you will face in Network Marketing is having enough leads to build your business. Here is a simple formula that I follow and making it work for me:

  • I set-up a scientific marketing system
  • I execute that marketing system and generate traffic
  • I convert the traffic into leads
  • The leads enters my sales funnel
  • I form a relationship and connect with my leads
  • From forming a relationship and connecting with my leads, I earn money
  • I sponsor new distributor into my primary company

This simple and straight forward formula / method is working for me and I am confident it will work for you and your business. Believe in yourself and put the hard work in, then watch your Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) business grow, your sales funnel will increase and you will start earning money.

The Top 7 Steps Of MLM Network Marketing Strategy:

If what I am about share with you, is going to go in one ear and out the other, then none of this will make sense to you and you will be wasting your time, reading any further down this page. Now, to the Entrepreneurs who are willing to learn and want to succeed moving forward with their marketing business, first let’s briefly explain Network Marketing so we keep in mind what our business is about. A simple explanation of Network Marketing is that, you have a product to sell and you are marketing it online, using the tools you have and the support and guidance you are getting, to brand and sell your product. Now is your marketing strategy and what you have been taught working for you? Are you getting the right training and mentorship to move forward with your product / program that you’ve bought? If not, then you are on the right site and about to get the right ideas to make your business a success. Here are the top 7 steps / strategies in MLM Network Marketing:

1. Traffic Generation – How you attract your target audience to your site is important.
2. WordPress Blog – Creating valuable content and sharing it on your WordPress platform is viral.
3. List Building – (Subscribers) adding new subscribers to your mailing list is a smart move in any online business.
4. Sales Funnel – This is a process you intend your customers or potential customers to experience as they go from “Point A – Point B” for example, going from Prospect to Lead to Customer to Return buyer.
5. Social Media – You need this tool to spread and share your product / information right across the internet to millions of people worldwide.
6. Funded Proposal – Giving or offering something free in exchange for somebody’s contact information is a crucial part of Network Marketing.
7. Network Marketing – Basically, this is you knowing and understanding your product, representing your product, selling your product and talking about your product worldwide.

Following the top 7 steps formula and being consistent with it, will in fact guarantee you success in your online business. You will see major changes in your MLM Network Marketing business and in yourself as an Entrepreneur – Your confidence, business ethics and posture will start to show and this change is what you want, in order for your customers and potential customers to believe in you and your product.

MLM Network Marketing Review

MLM Network Marketing ReviewDO NOT let what you see in the picture above be you. The moment you become an affiliate or have made the decision to start your MLM Network Marketing business, should be the turning point in your life and time when you are ready to take on new challenges and be successful. You are tired of your 9-5 job and the stress that comes with it, you want to be your own boss and stress free in your business. Network Marketing is fun, especially when you know what you are doing and what you will become. Many failed in MLM Network Marketing business because they priories money and lose their focus on what’s really important. Do your research, follow the simple format, set-up a scientific marketing system and use what you know to the best of your ability to execute your plan and put things into prospective. This is what I have been taught and so far it is working for me, with room for improvement. I am proud to say, being an Influx Entrepreneur is one of the best decisions that I have ever made and this feeling of excitement, progress in growth and success, are exactly what I want you to feel and achieve in MLM Network Marketing.

Searching For ProspectsMLM Network Marketing Prospects?

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