MLM Online Marketing Sales | Increase Sales

The focus topic today will be on MLM Online Marketing Sales | Increase Sales. This topic is often spoken upon with little or no facts the truth in generating sales online is more common than you think. After the birth pf PayPal and Amazon ,customers have packed the internet with sales. People are looking for the deal of the day and are doing intense research before buying a product the fact is the lowest bidder mostly wins.

Increase Sales

This statement above is not a fact, the truth is “the strength of your content”  is what rules the internet. I am guessing you have heard of blogging and wondered how these bloggers are seeing any type of results. Is it possible to create a blog website and make sales. The answer is YES, and today I am going to show you how. First you would have to register with a very good marketing platform that can provide you all the tools you need right from the start. I am going to lead you towards Influx Entrepreneur Marketing Platform this platform provides all the key ingredients you will need to begin your journey on the internet

You have to see it like if your trying to bake a cake, having a plain old website worked a few ago but now customers are looking to be wowed and branding is where it’s at. Influx provides and intense library of themes you can personalize or use the cookie cutter one created for you inside the network. I prefer to build my own and make it personal to my niche market.

MLM Online Marketing Sales

The first thing you would want to do is create your account at the monthly cost on the platform is a joke they only charge $9 monthly with a reasonable set up fee to create an account on the network. and the support is where it’s at. They are responsive with all tickets and are willing to help you regardless of what you will be selling. I have spoken to the owner on different occasions and the knowledge I got is priceless.

Once you created your account it’s time to select a theme you would like. I would spend no more than an 1 hr selecting your theme as it’s not going to be written in stone and force to stay that way. The basic is getting a banner and color theme then connect your autoresponder this is how you will start collecting leads daily.

Here is a video to clear things up a bit. If you are needing an autoresponder get Aweber Link

Now that we are past the branding we can build the basic pages needed to show the internet search engines you are a professional. Contact Us, Privacy Policy, Website Disclaimer, Terms and Conditions . These page should be created & connected the footer menu. Now that we have gotten our footer menu we need to create our main menu. Most common use titles are Home, About Us, Recommended, Blog, Application, Work with us.

Now it’s time for the content with and intense library of video training that comes along with your set fee, it’s time to hit the books and a start understand how it all works. This is the how it all starts it’s time to teach what you have learned by reviewing each video taking notes and trying them out for yourself. Remember this no MLM or internet marketing company that can make you money on autopilot. As an entrepreneur it’s up to you, and only you, to grow your business.

YES once you have built the trust you will have others working directly under you that is the beauty of mlm affiliate marketing but everyone needs a leader and with so much noise online you have be the Boss and lead your team to success.

MLM Online Marketing Sales | Increase Sales

MLM Online Marketing Sales | Increase Sales

Where you get excited is when you start making sales but you have to know one thing getting sales is tough, Getting traffic and leads is easy. You can resell anything on your new websites it’s your website but, can you earn $500 weekly… You see influx entrepreneur Pays weekly on Friday just like a regular job 50% of the sale is yours that’s $500 per sale plus the monthly recurring How cool is that… You already have everything you need to start marketing all you need is the content to attract the right customers to your website.

Think about this how did you find this page and look how far you have gotten, it’s a no brainier Lets recap you have Website,  A Blogging Platform, Membership Portal with Built in payment gateway for those special services you might provide to your growing team, Webinar System, optin pages to collect leads and let’s not forget the intense video library.

All you have to do is take it serious Apply the work and share it on social media. If you are worried about ranking or getting found trust me your in the right place as influx has a built in seo manager that helps you rock out SEO like a professional. The check list is awesome and keeps you focused on what’s most important Creating content from the experience you are about to learn inside the network. Again how hard is it really to make 1 sale per week?  Here is a heart to heart from the Founder of Influx Entrepreneur.

MLM Online Marketing Sales | Increase Sales

It's been years since I have written such a detailed layout of MLM Online Marketing Sales showing my fellow Entrepreneurs how to Increase Sales for their business. Everyone has a websites but, many are still lacking the tools needed to prove to there potential customers that they are in a position of leadership and power. Your customers are looking for a leader to lead them in there new business venture not a regular guy or girl to hype things up. Entrepreneurs are seeking guidance and a game plan so they may profit from there new found business venture and not fail before they even got started.

The Marketing Platform

As a online professional I have seen and been through many marketing systems many that you have already heard about and are currently using. What makes Influx Entrepreneur different is the fact that it's built for any online entrepreneur & packed with every feature you can image.

know this you might not use all the features right out the gate unless your extremely focused and dedicated as I was. The best advise I can give you is connect with the person that introduced  you to Influx or request a coaching call directly from the company.

Take is serious and profit don't do what everyone is doing focus on your brand and stick to one product you are going to be promoting. Learn the internet, schedule time out of your busy day and try to watch 3-5 videos, take notes, test it out then write about it. If you are watching a video, watch it twice and force yourself to remake the video yourself as the leader or trainer. never allow your fears in this new world of MLM Online Marketing to stop you from becoming successful.

know what u got then sell it

MLM Online Marketing Sales | Increase Sales

It's pretty obvious if you desire the need to increase sales online. There is no shame to think like that as a matter of fact all true business owners both online and offline thinks this way. Being part of an mlm online marketing sales company is what the business is driven by "Sales". I have read many reports online about recruiting affiliates as if it's a sin, but no one speaks about health insurance , car insurance, mortgages, walmart, it's all driven on sales and marketing you need customers in the door to buy things so employees can earn there wages & affiliated partners can earn an income

To increase sales with a mlm it simple, build a website drive traffic to it. The content is where everyone gets hung on. I found it it to be very easy to create content for any niche. The secrets is to study the company and research others in the same niche. model them, follow them , engage with them.

For years I have been teaching all my students and clients to learn, do it, then teach it forward. This is the only way I know of when you are developing yourself as a new business owner and best technique you can use to have team under you creating content to increase the sales flow. let's be honest the more you know the better you will be in teaching it forward in return the better your team will be in producing sales for themselves and for you.

Corporate America is not the innocent child here, all they do is guarantee you a paycheck as they cash in on the millions of dollars. Yet they teach there employees to follow the program and enforce policies they have written that best fits the needs of there company, So why be different you are your own boss, you make your own schedule but you have to show up to work if you want to get paid in either scenario.

Respect your business and you business will respect you.

If you are serious and want to Increase Sales then you have to increase productivity. Share on social media don't live in it. Keep learning keep writing and making videos. Don't waste time when working from home. plan your day out focus on trending topics research how to create current events again.

Here is a sample this is super easy if you follow it with everything you learn when productively learning and creating content for your online mlm business or any online business.

5 QUESTION Example from my 3rd grade teacher
You must answer the following questions completely:
1. Where did the event(s) in your article take place?
2. When did the event(s) in your article take place?
3. Who was/were involved in the event in your article? (Include all people, countries, organizations, companies, etc.)
4. From what source did you find this article?
5. What is the event/what happened/what is the article about? This question must be answered in 2-4 sentences.

Make sure this is answered in your OWN words and not copied from the article!
current events

Own the business own the facts be prepared to be a leader work as if you already have 100 affiliates how could you make them money if you have no idea what you are doing? Your not here to make money that's the easy part you are here to lead an army and crush anyone that doubts you.

Remember these words below leaders get paid


MLM Online Marketing Sales | Increase Sales

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