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MLM – Multi-Level Marketing?

What is Multi-Level Marketing? Yes! I’ve asked myself that question when I first heard the name and as a matter of fact, the person who first said it to me, referred to it has MLM. It is so funny because, my response to the person was, “what do you mean by MLM?” and now here I am teaching about Multi-Level Marketing. This is what surrounding yourself with leaders and people who are positive both, mentally and physically in Network Marketing, can do for you as an Entrepreneur. The point I am making here is that, a lot of Entrepreneurs are failing and not to mention the ones that have already quit because in most cases, they either say, it is hard or it is not working for them. I am hoping that in this post, I will reach out to a few people or someone at least, to change the negative way they think and view Multi-Level Marketing, into a positive one. This is not just me saying, but trust me when I say, I have had the same negative thoughts, not about Multi-Level Marketing but about making money online, which technically speaking, they both go hand in hand.  

The video above, was made 5 years ago but still worth watching. It is a video from one of my leaders or you can say, my mentor, talking passionately about Multi-Level Marketing, what it has done for him and what it can do you for when you give yourself the mindset as an Entrepreneur.

What Is Multi-Level Marketing?

Multi-Level Marketing (which sometimes refer to as, “MLM”, “Network Marketing”, “Pyramid Selling”, or “Referral Marketing”) is in fact a marketing strategy whereby the sales force is paid a percentage not just for sales they make, but also for the sales of the affiliate(s) that they recruit. Multi-Level Marketing can be done in many different ways as I have explained in my previous post. Assigning yourself an affiliate(s) and teaching he/she to do what you are doing, is a fast and smart way that can provide multiple levels of income for you, being that you would be the up-line of the person(s) you recruit into your business. Hence, the down-line who is your recruit salesperson (affiliate) is expected to sell / market your products and encourage people to join the business as a distributor – All of this, I refer to as a Marketing Cycle.

Multi-Level Marketing Review

So technically, anyone can do Network Marketing and be successful at it. However, it very important and necessary to have the mentorship and the support from someone who is experienced in Multi-Level Marketing, to tutor you as you go about it. You have to be open minded, trainable and sometimes willing to work as a team, in order for your business and for you, as an Entrepreneur to grow and be successful in the business of Multi-Level Marketing. Although MLM (at the end of the day) is solely about making money online, it is also not a good idea to focus your everything on it, because you will easily get distracted and lose that mindset that is needed to apply yourself and approach business / consumers, righteously! If Multi-Level Marketing to you is all about money, then high chances are, you will fail at it and one day, give up! This is also a perfect example, why many people thinking and saying that, Multi-Level Marketing is a scam. Helping someone and getting paid in return for it is fairly reasonable but, not helping the person and getting paid from he/she for it, is in fact wrong and is considered a scam. “Teach what you know, not what you heard!” is firmly what Influx Entrepreneur believe in – so if you want a mentor or to be apart of the Influx Entrepreneur movement, do not hesitate to click on the button below for:

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