Top 10 Proven Online Business Ideas

Online Business ideas

Are there any Online Business Ideas I can actually make money from?

Of course there are. But to be honest, you are the only one who can answer if you can.

 Thousands of people run successful online businesses. The issue is that not everyone will make money online. Finding the right online business ideas suitable for you to make money takes time to learn, and most people give it up within a few months time.

Way too many people think that online business ideas are some sort of a magic plug in, simply for them to “plug” into!

There is a huge demand for information on Online Business Ideas.

More than 300,000 “Internet Home Business” related searches every month are made on the internet, showcasing the huge demand for information on Online Business Ideas. Unfortunately, this also means that there are a lot of bad information and a lot of preying on the group of people trying to find the information.

I’ve stumble upon a few people who have fallen for these scams. Once I connected with a guy who had been taught a model of “Money Making” Online Business Ideas, all he did was promote this so called “Money Making” model seminar. When I asked him if he was making any money online?

His answer was no, as if, actually making any money on the internet was beside the point…Not my type of guy 😉

Online Business Ideas Vs. Your Job

Almost every person I talk to asks me, when can I quit my job and work from home? The most important piece of advice when you plan to start your online home business is: Don’t expect to replace your regular job’s income for the next coming 6-8 month!

This said, I will add that service-based business have a faster potential of bringing in revenue. But will still take some time before replacing your salary. 

You need to decide if you are willing to put in the days, weeks, and months to really learn the industry, if you are, then here is where you start:

Online Home -Based Business: Startup Rules

  1. Stay away from anything that even sounds like a “get rich quick scheme or “Model” promising instant results. THERE ARE NO SUCH THINGS
  2. Any program or model only works as much as you can customize it and make it your own unique business. Note that techniques working for one niche don’t necessarily mean it will work for another. (Give it some thought)
  3. Knowing or at least willing to learn some SEO (Search Engine Optimization), basic html.  Social media marketing, traditional marketing & sales are a must. Don’t be intimidated, your willingness and a supportive mentor will get you far. (Some of the things you’d be better off outsourcing)
  4. Be strong and specialize in a niche. Make sure to know your audience and serve them, not yourself.

You need to figure out your strengths and which business model you will follow. You need to take a closer look at different marketing blueprints to get you kick started. You need to start setting the foundations to build a solid Online Business.

Go through the following list and pick out the ones you have at least some experience. You won’t have all the preferred skills, but don’t let that stop you! We’ve already agreed that your willingness to learn will get you far.   

Top 10 Proven Online Business Ideas

Online Business Idea #1 – Affiliate Marketing

Becoming an affiliate means to promote other’s products and services .When a sale is made, you get a commission. (You can become an affiliate for free)

Preferred skillls
PPC (Pay Per Click marketing), Attraction marketing copywriting, online marketing

Online Business Idea #2 – Blogging

Your own website filled with your own promoting content such as, articles, reviews etc. You can also integrate advertising or affiliate marketing on your blog to earn money.

Preferred skills
Attraction Marketing Copywriting, social networking, affiliate marketing, online marketing

Online Business Idea #3 – eBay & Auction Selling

You sell or resell products (Used goods, buy and resell wholesale goods, use drop-shipping) on a online marketplace like Ebay, Craigslist or Amazon Auctions .

Preferred skills
Sales copywriting, Merchandising, customer service

Online Business Idea #4 – E-Commerce

You sell products or a technology-based service on your own website.

Preferred skills
All of the above

Online Business Idea #5 – Arts & Crafts

Creating and manufacturing your own line of products, selling them online.

Preferred skills
Creativity, sales, e-commerce

Online Business Idea #6 – Internet Research

Researching the internet, assigned by corporations, law firms and other small businesses.

Preferred skills
Organizational Librarian-style research skills, customer service

Online Business Idea #7 – Freelance Services

Offer your professional services as a freelancer such as article writing, spinning, copywriting, design, photography, illustration, and programming. Prices according to prior agreements.

Preferred skills
Sales, customer service, industry trade-specific knowledge

Online Business Idea #8 – Recruiting

Search for the right candidate for a specific position.  The assigning company pays a fee when a hire is made.

Preferred skills
networking, relationship building, profiling and Sales

Online Business Idea #9 – Consulting

Selling your niche specialized industry know how to entrepreneurs, investors, corporations or other businesses.

Preferred skills
Industry Trade-specific knowledge, sales, customer service

Online Business Idea #10 – VA (Virtual Assistant)

Sell your administrative services and business to other business owners requiring your services.

Preferred skills
Administrative skills, Customer service, organization

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