Online Marketing Strategies

“What Are Your Online Marketing Strategies?”

In order to grow your online store, you must have an online marketing strategies , create your splash page or capture page, create your website and have an auto responder to manage your leads.


To reach your weekly objectives you must set a realistic goal at the beginning of the week and try to sell one (1) product or service per week.

You ask how you can sell something right? 

Well it starts with quality videos on YouTube, Nice Background and a Professional Look.




Tools You can use for Your Online Marketing Strategies

  1- Use Traffic Geyser

  2- Only wire

  3- TweetAdder

to promote the video link.

Then convert your video into text on a word document or power point slide. Submit them to articles, forums, blogger, Squidoo, wordpress sign it with your YouTube video link or personal Blog

Repeating these steps for four weeks everyday will give you 168 links and Google will recognize it. You will get hits daily. Repeat these steps everyday until you reach your set goal.

 We Created A Very Easy To Understand Video Training Course For You…

Once you have completed these steps, start working on your own style of marketing.

Having an auto responder and a splash page will allow you some time to return calls & interview potential prospects.

Why must you interview you ask, because you are “GROWING YOUR BUSINESS” you want quality and not quantity.

Online Marketing Strategies





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