Our life as an Entrepreneur Internet Marketer



Our life as an Entrepreneur Internet Marketer


The hardest part of marketing and working online from home


The hardest part of marketing and working online from home is the fact that many people don’t understand what I do. You see while people go off to work and get ready for school the home business owners are as well getting ready for work.

We wake up to many ideas to implement, blogs to write, videos to create then the master plan to put it all together so we can go viral.

I work on content promotion services everyday others go to work to fulfill the emptiness of getting paid for a service. Our life as an Entrepreneur Internet Marketer is hard, we fight negative comments, friends & family feeling sorry for us thinking we are getting scammed but they fail to realize,

Because of us marketers they have the material this they have today.

  •  The new cell phone
  • The new Sneakers
  • The new handbag
  • The new sunglasses
  • The new car

Here are just a few examples of marketing we buy with our emotions:

  • we buy cause we want
  • we buy can we can
  • we buy cause we need

My secret is keep my wife happy I have tried to Explain, Teach and Show but OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAtill this day no matter the income we get from marketing online she still feels a JOB is real & secure –

What I do Is false work and unstable

While working from since 1999

  • I have quit my job
  • Purchased 8 New cars since
  • Bought several investment properties
  • Started 2 Online companies
  • and reached top level producer in 20+ Affiliate program

But yet, “what I do is fake and can’t be measured”

Hector & Family FB

I don’t miss Graduation or evening school event I never run late to take care of a daily chore. I simply love the time freedom I have created for my family regardless of the back talk of others. I simply take the ball and run with it. I pick up the kids from school, I cook dinner, I clean the house, I fix the beds, wash the car, go grocery shopping ETC. Doing these simple things keeps my wife off my back and keeps me focused on running my Online Internet Business.

My biggest suggestion to you as the reader is if you’re interested in starting a home based business do you’re homework & research Do a Google & YouTube Search  

Buy a training Program like the one we offer @ Influx Entrepreneur


You will have many challenges to overcome, A huge learning curve & Skills to understand.choosing a product to sell

My only advise to you is if you choose to work online for yourself

  1. Do it cause you believe in it
  2. Cause You care about others
  3. Cause you Desire & Deserve More

Otherwise you will fail or it will be short term and lastly understand if your new to Internet marketing you have to lean the basics This is a real business and you should run it as a real business.

The short cut to see fast results online well there is one out source everything  now we are talking about $15,000 -$50,000 just to get you started.

That is why Myself and other Internet Entrepreneurs sell training membership, promote using written blogs, promote using video blogs and paid advertizements..

My motto inside Influx Entrepreneur is exactly that:

“Teach What You Know Not What You’ve Heard  “

Hector Guerrero





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