Reason why so many don’t see results…

With so many websites built on Influx Entrepreneur network I have found the reason why so many don’t see results… “” lack of work ethics “” it never was the system, hosting or platform you decide to use nor is it the product or service you have elected to be your primary business.

The effort (Work) required to achieve results are challenging. As many new online entrepreneurs seek the power of the internet to change their financial status many are not willing to work or understand the basics of running a long term profitable online business.

This cannot be faulted really? Yet its own responsibility to succeed that being said it’s simply our own fault why we are either successful or unsuccessful the blame cannot be place on any other persons head except our own. Our decisions need to follow thru with perseverance.

There will always be something new and hot on the internet to invest in or buy. Build you home (website) pull out the welcome mat at the front door and start moving in. The guy next door is building a brand new house but your home holds more value… (Speaking about a website metaphorically)

don't push the buttonUnderstand the business the internet has to change and provide new things and we the people like shinny things. Things get old and tired very fast we are like small children not to offend anyone but it’s true. Some of us get bored very fast. look at cell phones, how many do you really need to buy your old one works fine but the new one has an extra feature or better battery life (something cool)…

This is why you always see something new online but everything works. 99% of all online businesses pay out. That the only thing you need to be concerned with do you need it or do you want it. Does it pay or is it a lie. The rest really does not matter.

 You have to understand marketing or pay someone to market for you. If you are not sure try it first then outsource it.

 Keep in mind you are in control 100% of the time regardless of what’s happening in your personal life. If you had a job you would have less excuses. You can’t call out every day otherwise you get fries or less pay. What makes your online business any different? You want to get paid well wake up early go to sleep late invest time in learning or invest money in hiring the right people to run YOUR online business

You can’t build teams or down-lines unless your build your worth in knowledge and value or hire entrepreneurial mindsetsomeone to develop and grow your online business.

It’s not hard once you know and understand how to read a map. Find yourself something that has what you want and connect with him or her (find a mentor) this will speed up the time and get you closer to the next level.

STOP thinking money and START thinking business if you want to work with me fill out this application someone will call you and set up an interview. I’ll be very clear on the cost and not waste our time I charge $10,000 for 1 year and I only work with those that are serious this is why the price is up front I have nothing to prove anymore, It’s time I give back and help those that are deserving of the knowledge. It’s not as hard as you may think it is once you understand business.

The basics of marketing any business online is having a website to market from. As you are creating the information needed to help those finding your website using the power of the search engine. Your new customer don’t know you or what you have to offer and or sell, all they know is they did a search on the web and one of your postings was listed for them to click on and get the answers for their question as provided by them from there favorite search engine when performing the search in the first place.

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The entire point of owning a website is to offer something of value as most new online entrepreneurs are selling something. some have a website for general information and non profit organization. I am not speaking about that non profit or general information. My sole purpose is to provide a combination of both, I offer many free links and videos to help with the basics, the juicy information such as page ranking and seo is a it more for the advanced online entrepreneur. Mot of my customers already have a very well understanding of internet marketing and been around for years. 

Website ownership is a sense of pride, we know why we need a website and it’s purpose. So how do you get to the next level? Invest into knowledge you can’t outsource if you have no idea what to outsource. I hope this cleared up some questions and understand if you reading this on my personal blog located at then your in the right place.

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