How to remove the fear of selling online Q&A

Questions I have come across and overcame myself.

When offering consulting to build up cash flow, should it be for a specific amount of time, a skill
that I would teach, or what?

You can only offer consulting on something that you are sure you are good at, make it around that.  For example, if you are good at setting up a blog, don’t make the consulting around another topic like time. Set it up around the skill.

To emphasize your point, you can provide the client with a screen capture of a similar blog that you would be doing for him/her, and you can use Jing for this purpose.Provide a feasible turn around time as well. Then it’s going to be a 30-minute video training on how to use the blog.

How do you assess the value for the consulting?

The key is not how you assess it but how much value you can show people online. For the above example, what I would do is pull up a screenshot of a similar service somewhere on the net which would charge a higher rate to do the same type of service that you’re offering. And then you would say,

“Instead of paying $500 for the same thing, except for the XYZ plug in that does not come included, you only have to pay $197 for the services I can give you.”

Providing a comparison to the client will make him/her more aware of a good bargain they can get. When you’re getting started, you may be willing to give more value for less $$$. Just give more value as much as you can. The equation should always be

“More value for less $$$”.

Why is the “Show and Tell” technique good for marketing?

People want to know what they’re getting into. You have to prove the value of what you’re offering by using “show and tell”. This can be done by comparing apples to oranges. You have to “romance the situation” because until you do these things, people are not going to buy your product.

We are still in a sense of bartering. What you offer should far outweigh the amount that people would be willing to pay. The value of your product should be heavier than the price you’re asking for. Once you tip the scale significantly to your side, the money just starts pouring in like an avalanche. It can’t be EQUAL. You have to make your clients believe that they are getting way more than the amount they sent you, and that the price they are paying is a joke.

How do I duplicate the launch formula with my downline fast?

Wait until Module 5 because in this module, you will learn how to create a duplication and an Influx of Entrepreneurs in your downline, and how to teach launch to your downline.

What you want to do for now until you get Module 5 is to take the info you are currently learning and be sensitive to copy the right info and stuff. Take the principles you’re learning and translate them to your own language and your own strategies, and start disseminating them to your team.

Don’t forget to give credits. The best way to do duplication in this industry is you BE. Whatever you be, THEY will BE – the essence of leadership. You have to lead your team forward, and with every few steps, you have to look back and guide them to the path you are heading.

People in MLM never do this. They recruit people and then they sit and stare at their team and they wonder why nothing is happening. The better way is to move forward, look back at your team once in a while and tell them that this is the way, and they will follow.

I’ve only got a list of four people. It seems I need to build that as I’m learning to apply this.
Suggestions for a fast, low-cost list building?

Go to Yahoo, get a pay-per-click account and begin some ppc or adwords. You can also buy some courses on list-building. The whole nature of list-building is very simple. Your capture page, then you have a blog. Make a constant reminder on your blog for people to opt-in. On the capture page, make sure you have an enticing reason for them to opt-in.

List-building is a whole other discussion. Basically, you should start with PPC, that’s the easiest and most effective way to build that list fast.

When you discussed the “splinter and soak concept”, you talked about getting them from your email message and to opt in on the capture page. Obviously, you already have their email address. At this point are you using an expanded opt in to gather more info like the name and phone?

No, not really. What you can do (as I’ve been doing) is to entice people to my capture page. Once they opt in, they get included in my massive Aweber (or any auto-responder) list. When I launched a product “Master Recruiter Blueprint” to my main list in Aweber, I quickly described it to my big list first. I send them to another capture page so that those who are interested can opt in. Those who opt in now become a special list “Master Recruiter Blueprint” list, where I am able to extract only people who are interested in this product. I can now hammer this list with specific CEO type of content.

If I did this on my big list, most probably, others who are not interested in this new product will be discouraged and might even unsubscribe from the list. That is the essence of splinter and soak.

How can I leverage the Influx Entrepreneur System as a giveaway or something similar to my downline and how does that integrate with my opportunity sales page?

What I would do is to “Romance the Glory” of Influx Marketing System, jack up the glory of it, then you say “When you join, you’re going to get two 30-minute 1-on-1 sessions with me via your influx webinar wp plugin and I will walk you through how to navigate through that system so that you can use it really fast”.

Give your private time only when it’s paid for. People have to buy your distributor kit. Don’t do too much for free, because people don’t care until they pay. In doing this you earn money two ways:

1) by being an affiliate selling the Influx Entrepreneur Marketing Platform
2) being able to sell a coaching product to a client.

What is a more effective strategy of addressing your clients?

By being more specific. Quit being vague and fuzzy and avoid using generic terms like leadership, mentoring etc. It’s better to DEMONSTRATE than SPEAK of the concepts of leadership, mentoring and coaching.

What happens when my leads get an email template that is the same as the email template of
my JV partners? A lot of my leads are on their list. Wouldn’t this be weird for them?

Absolutely not. If you are launching a product, and it is your product, the best thing you can do is write a swipe file and give this to your JV partners. Your JV partners will send out the emails and make the sales. You would still be better off creating your own original copies. At the end of the day, it’s your branding and your bonding with that list – the originality of who you are – that makes that stuff so special. This is the glue that leads to the income. As long as your client KNOWS who you are – the source of the product – then they will buy.

When starting out, who can you expect to be your first clients?

They will most probably be the people who KNOW you. With knowing comes relationships, with relationships comes support, and from support comes a desire to do them well.

Online and offline are two different worlds but they operate very similarly. So if you know your list and your list knows you, they’re not going to be weird out by the things you write or say.

The more they know your brand, the more they’re going to just bond and resonate with you and the more they’re going to buy your stuff.

Is the concept of KNOWING important when branding yourself or the product you sell?

Yes, you have to build a brand with your list that is very distinct. Your list should know your beliefs, they know what moves you, what motivates you, what puts you off, what causes you to swear, cry, jump up and down, your hobbies, they know you have a heart, a mind that is learning, transforming, and people want to attach to that.

If you want to really AFFECT your list, and make a TON of money, people should have the opportunity to get to KNOW you. Example: On – people watched 12,000 hours of Hector Guerrero’s videos where the primary aim was to allow people to get to know him.

The videos ranged from his philanthropic stuff, his dreams for his family, a critique he made on his colleague on how he wrote an email, etc.

All these are part of Hector Guerrero’s branding, letting people know more about who he is – because through this, people will feel that they know him, and will make it easier to sell whatever it is that he is endorsing.

Do you ever offer a bonus for signing up on the waiting list or the application?

Don’t screw up the capture page by cluttering it with free things. You don’t want to make it so that the reason they’re opting in is just for the bonus.

After learning this, can I teach it to my upline?

Yes, teach it to your upline, but a lot of times uplines consider downlines just paupers and they just don’t care, so I hope you won’t be offended if that happens to you.

I am new and my sponsor is only getting yahoo to get leads combined with articles. Can you tell me how does the bidding for keywords work with yahoo?

The master way to overcome any fears is just to try it, or do it. Go into yahoo. Don’t over complicate things and worry about all the tracking and all the technical stuff. Put a $25 limit on there.

Pick some keywords, bids, let the $25 expire and review your account. Always start small. Just try it for yourself.

What is the importance of a sponsor?

They are your upline, they are to be learned from. They are your teachers, they are NOT your master. Anybody can outshine his/her sponsor. You can have ideas that I don’t have. You can have the expertise that I do not yet have.

Just learn what you can from your sponsor, but keep your eyes open to other leaders out there, other materials, etc. And don’t let your sponsor keep you down or hold you back.

Don’t forget that you may also be a sponsor so just do what you can for your downlines. Move forward and every few steps look back and guide your downlines to the direction you are going.

What is the Wooden Formula for leading?

Your communication with your downline should be: 75% = “How to’s”, 15% = Old-fashioned Praise/Appreciation (You’re doing a good job), and 10% = Honest Advice / “Don’t do that”.

Can you manually move people over in doing the “Splinter and Soak” concept?

For most auto responders, if you’re going to put them into a smaller list, it would require that these people should re-opt in to validate that they’re on the new list. You wouldn’t want to manually enter them because the whole point is you want people engaged, you want to get people clicking. It’s hard to get people fully engaged in the internet, and clicking is about the only engagement we get.

I’m launching an information product in about 45days. I have a reasonable following on Twitter.
How can I create a little pre-launch buzz to get a decent list to mail to?

How many followers do you have on Twitter? 1600. Roughly half are web developer oriented, the other half are MLM. Do you have an aweber account? Yes. How many people on Aweber? I haven’t really done any of this.

You can’t do the launch because you don’t have something to sell yet. What is the price point for the products (books + videos)? $297. How many books are we talking about? 4 (but could be segmented)

Here’s what I would do. People don’t want to learn to build websites. They want to sit at the computer and have their friends or their girl friend to smile and be impressed. They want the result of the result. Is there a certain website that they would be able to create right away?
(In following your video and your book?)

I sort of encourage them to create their own types of things. My course is primarily on spending 30 days or so to become ‘minimally proficient’ .

Suggestion: Create a tweet (immediately) like “Learn how to build a website in 5 simple steps”. Let me show you. They go to your capture page and you’re right there. And the headline is
“How to build _____”.

People don’t want to learn how to be “minimally proficient”
but learn how to build a website fast – and you have to wrap it around what they want. On the capture page, you can show a video of yourself setting one up super fast. Below the video, you can put a pdf download of your screenshot with detailed explanation or check list. Then below this, you say “Learn how to build your website within minutes as well by opting in here”.

I’ve got concerns about copyright issues of being able to put up that type of video. There are a lot of people doing that on YouTube. I’m not saying that YouTube should be your moral compass. A) I would not worry about the copyright issue on the scale that you’re playing at right now.

If you start going into an info-mercial, or something, where you’re a big deal then I’d care. But right now, Influx Entrepreneur is happy that you’re promoting there video and it doesn’t really matter. Or find something that doesn’t have copyright.

Maybe “Learn to set up a website in 5 easy steps”. So when they show up on your blog, you explain the first 4 steps and then you can say (below the videos) “coming very soon is the complete video series”. Or you can put a special offer “For $7 I can send you my 30 minute work sheet – video 1 of the series”.

Is social proof important when selling a product?

Yes. Social proof in the form of video testimonials will certainly have more power to grab the attention of potential clientele than merely hard-selling. Social proof will prove your worth.

Can Twitter help in selling a product?

Yes, you can use Twitter for your launch. Here’s what you can do. Create different tweets. The good thing with Twitter is that you can test different types of tweets. Get them to that capture page where you have your picture, the identical tweet you posted, the opt in page then the statement “Discover how to do it now”.

Will a low price for the product be better?

Initially, yes, because the whole point is for you to be able to build up a fan / client base.

Is there a way (to know) that you can be sure that your product will work online?

No. But if you can initially put out a 1 hour video, you get feedback from your clients, the next time around, you’ll know how to make the video better for your clients. For now, you are “untested” so your product only deserves an hour at the most.

What is the best way to sell?

First, by making your clients buy from you, then second, by proving to them that the item was of value and really worth buying.

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