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Once you have thought out the information you are about to write it’s important to know your social circle and environment. Every time I publish content such as blogs or video I like to share on my social networks I like using buffer it connects all my social network and submits it to all  social netoworks as well. You can subscribe to buffer here Once I have created my account the rest is left up to creating the content and submitting it to buffer.
Next I like creating images and adding them to my blog or uploading them to my social networks. I have been using something called Pablo you can also create you account here Here is an example on how your image could look like below

As you can see this is a real eye catcher. This is the best way to lead your readers to value. I know it seem ways too easy right now but it get even better. Have you hear of twitter? Still my best lead source to date. I have been using twitter since there birth. I also have a cool and neat little site I use since i have created over 300 twitter accounts for every single Affiliate program I offer. The site I use to submit my content is Many will sit here and try to sell you everything affiliate program know to the internet but why, There are so many if used properly can get you the same results without breaking the bank.

Keep in mind and understand that promoting to a social network like Facebook is important but if you are not growing your network your promoting your new content to the bling. Social media is fast paced and everyone is selling something therefor you have to be the one not selling anything to stand out. The best marketing practice you can do is create information on a blog network to write about hing you have learned similar to this post today.

Online Entrepreneurs enjoy learning and love sharing good information that has helped them to move forward in there business the free links I have provided for you in the post has truly helped me in my online venture and allowed me to promote my content from my blog network effortlessly. That being said if you currently have a wordpress website I want to share a plugin I created to grow my Facebook fanepage you can also find that directly on wordpress
Now speaking about wordpress plugin and themes there are many you can buy to add to your website that can help you build out your network and grow your database.  My first run at wordpress I invested about $4700 buying a few theme and over 30 plugin to supercharge my website.

I had a client of mine ask me if I would create everything for her as she had no time to install or create website but she was really serious in moving forward but the time it required was a bit hard for her. I sent her a link to my network at the the time this was my private network just for me and my affiliate products. She said so angry with me cause it was so easy to set up and I was making here build it out from scratch. She went ahead and made about $24,000 in 7 weeks just promoting the affiliate link as I described above.

This is what I sent her

make $10000 now

It’s very easy to create content once you understand where the information is coming from. Everyday we all learn something new and we kinda have to when it involves the internet and the operation of a real home based business.  The only secret to marketing and making a living online is content the rest is sharing the information online.  We all need a website as our main home office. this is where your your customer information is located, products, content, training, support etc. WordPress does a great job at this.

Now video marketing is booming youtube is projected to be the #1 search engine customer are going to when looking to be entertained or learn something new. I suggest using something like camtasia to record your videos and publish them to  the internet. Here is another example of video marketing

I created this using a cool online tool. You can find the tool here video tool
I am glad you stuck it to the of the report and would as you to take a peek at what I am doing to earn a full time income from home. Remember Content is the fuel to generate endless cash flow. I run my online business as anyone would “A Business” See how I make Money Online
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