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It’s April 20th 2015

As I sit here, I ask myself what if I shared a video with you today, would you watch?
I say NO, you won’t.

I understand we all have questions that need answers including me.
Once you reach a certain level you ask yourself what’s next?

For years I have been online pushing myself, Moving forward as I see many friends/affiliate come and go. Always something new and shiny that distracts them.

So I ask the question why?

Then I asked myself what if there was a way everyone could win this internet game.

Oh yeah baby, WIN The Game then a vision came to me.  Tournaments not just any Tournaments but the mother load, grand daddy of them all. A place you get rewarded for content not sales, A place you get get paid in real time TODAY without setting up an expensive merchant account.

yeah sounds good, that’s a dream maybe one day.

Then it hit me, I said Wait…

I am an Entrepreneur  and I make my own rules, why could we not create this. In less than 24hrs I set up a call with my close friends and affiliates and Skypewars was built.

Getting paid to create content and work that’s what it’s about. Playing the game to win.
Does $1000 reward sound good to you?

It does to me, If someone had shared this with me then. OMG

These are the videos I wanted to shared with you today.

If your interested in participation in the games with us let us know
$100 Weekly Skypwar Tourament

Founder, Hector Guerrero
Influx Entrepreneur
Text or call for more info (718) 569-7317

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