So untrue all they wanted was DAD not the lifestyle

One day after a 12 hr retail shift

it was all taken away




You Must Fail Before You Can Succeed

Blogging should be fun. my secrets reviled tonight let us begin by sharing my story, Whats up fellow readers my name is Hector Guerrero going from living the happy fairytale life when I had everything anyone would envy I had it all , Money , credit Wife, Kids and the family dog. One day after a 12 hr retail shift it was all taken away. You see while I was working my butt off bring home the money I was neglecting my friends and family. I never had time to share with people I cared about cause my JOB was extremely demanding of my time. I figured that if I gave my family everything they needed I would okay…


So untrue all they wanted was DAD not the lifestyle

Okay that being said I lost everything I worked so hard for My JOB, Friends & My family… I fell into a depression, I stopped caring about life, fell behind on my car payments, my mortgages and most important I simply stop giving a shit about myself.

How To make 5 Figures In 3 Months   How To make 5 Figures In 3 MonthsAfter 8 months of feeling sorry for myself having all my cars
repossessed and my house taken back from the bank  I realized I had nothing left to fight for everything was gone… Waiting my time to forced to be in the street I woke the hell up. I said what am I doing while I am crying my ass off and hating myself my x-wife was having a ball living up life traveling, posting pictures on Facebook moving on with her life why am I putting myself through this.

I spend some serious time on YouTube watching videos, researching keywords, understanding niche markets, understanding how I was going to get traffic for something I haven’t even created yet

Hector Guerrero

I researched everything I didn’t understand to get better I put myself through some serious personal boot-camp. In my search  and researches I found I could find anything Online. there it was something about the information highway caught my attention.  So there it is build an online business now the question was how?

till next time

Hector G

Founder, Influx Entrepreneur



The entire blog I was plugged in listening to find out here

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