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How To Start A Website For Blogging?

It is true that anyone can make a blog, and just a few understand how to start a website for blogging. Coming from a blogger such as myself and using the WordPress Platform of Influx Entrepreneur, it’s reasonably safe for me to say, to start a website for blogging is an easy set-up and it also depends on what you intend on getting from it, for example, some people are using WordPress for various reasons and some of which are:

  • To make money online
  • To have fun and be creative
  • To express their thoughts and views
  • To stay connected with family and friends
  • To market or promote products and services
  • To help people in general
  • To establish yourself as an expert in fields you know best
  • To connect with people and make new friends
  • To test and improve on your skills
  • To stay active and learn something new

WordPress has made it easy for us to let our website and power of blogging represent who we are and what we are about – That is why friendly environment and solid platform are necessary to help you get to where you want with blogging, hence this is where the WordPress of Influx Entrepreneur comes in. Here is a perfect example, giving details of why most people blog or blog online.

What is a blog?
In the simplest terms, a blog is like diary but instead of keeping the information in a book, it is publish on the World Wide Web, making it available for everyone to see. A blog, which is also known as weblog, is created using specific publishing tools/software like the one I am now using and have used here.

  1. Who can create a blog?: To blog is not for any one specific person, hence, anyone can create a blog.
  2. How to make a blog?: A blog can be anything you want it to be. In most cases, a blog reflect the personality of the person making it. You can start by choosing a preferred platform, choose for yourself a custom domain name or you could do free blog, decide on a blog topic, choose a design for your blog, and advertise your blog on social media sites.
  3. How to write a blog?: In this case, anyone can start a blog but do they know how to write a blog that can keep readers interested?. What you put on your blog, impacts readers such as the, blog content, blog design, blog name, blog site, and all other related to blogging.   
  4.  How to start a blog?: This is just the same as “how to make a blog”, but here is a much elaborated topic on “how to start a blog”.
  5. Blog online: To blog online is simple which we are doing without realizing – take for example, some people post comments, updates, and all sorts on Facebook and or other social network, and have no idea that they are in fact blogging. 
  6. Free blog: You can create a website, allowing people to visit you site to blog for free or you can get paid for blogging and from the people accessing your website for blogging.

The Benefits Of Blogging

Create a website for blogging

Blogging can help you in many ways and some of which are: 1. Your writing will improve. 2. You can earn from making blogs. 3. It gets you more recognized and your worth. 4. You get to meet people from different places of the world. 5. People from all different places of the world can view your blogs. 6. You get to help and keep people entertained with your blogs. 7. Blogging helps you to understand SEO and your website in general. 8. It invites traffic to your site. 9. People will look forward to seeing your blogs. 10. You will become the expert in your field and be able to teach others, seeking to venture in your field or work. 11.With quality blogging, you get a shot of being on Gooogle with all the top bloggers and or your competitors. 12. People will want to buy off your site or be interested in signing up with you, to do what you are doing. 13. You will be opened for learning new ideas and teaching them forward. 14. You will get to know and understand the importance of finding and using the right keywords for your blogs. and 15. Your voice through blogging, either by contents, videos, audio and images, will be heard.

Blogging Review

The bottom line of blogging, is mainly for getting recognised, let your voice be heard and more importantly, to earn money online. Many people I know are doing it as a means of making money online. I see nothing wrong with making a blog, except for blogging for free. Why blog for free when you can get paid for it? That is where WordPress of Influx Entrepreneur comes in. The Influx Entrepreneur Team is here to help you make money online, without spending a dime!

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