The Art Of Selling Online With Blogging Really?

The Secret Of Web Blogging What They Are Not Telling You

Creating a website as a means of a point of entry for potential customers has a few objections according to many people living regular lives through regular jobs. But the truth and the matter is, selling doesn’t come naturally to most persons, BUT that doesn’t mean they can’t be successful at it. The BIG SECRET in understanding why a potential customer doesn’t buy your product lies in finding out how you can persuade them to decide to purchase your product or service.

You see we are accustom to being sold something from either a salesman cold calling you, a sales person selling you furniture, a sales person selling you a house or anything else you can think of.

Selling online is much easier than you think. Over the years we have developed into blogging and video robots.  A typical day in the life of a consumer in modern day society, is to go to the internet to research a product or service we are trying to get because we want it or need it. Internet shopping has become forefront above all things. Reason being, it is more convenient, it’s faster and it generates better deals.

6 things when blogging doing a Google searchI can clearly remember the days when I needed to physically go to the store to buy something; but the concept of home internet shopping has now become a widespread phenomenon that has allowed companies like to have a competitive edge over other companies, by ridding intermediaries and selling directly to its customers. You all know that they sell pretty much any and everything you need. I hope you are now understanding how simple and easy it is to sell online.

I think by now you have come to recognize that there are a lot of websites on the internet, and if you pay close attention like I do, you will see that almost 95% of them have blog posts just like this one. So how do we make money from home blogging?  How do we sell online using the blogging method? Okay here we go I am going to dive right into it and explain what needs to be done. Are you ready?

Blogging has become extremely popular in recent times because it’s a easy way to get your point across.  They drive traffic to your website, increase your search engine optimization (SEO) and allows you to build better customer relationships. WordPress is probably the most popular blogging platform right now. It’s very user friendly and easy to set up. It’s so easy that after the initial set up, you pretty much have a full blown website requiring only minor tweaks to help personalize it for your branding. Examples of this would include adding a banner with company logo, setting up a few widgets on the sidebar like adding a picture or affiliate product that you could earn money from if people buy something using your link.

Setting up a website while blogging

Once you are comfortable with the set up of your front web store, you can now now move unto blog posting. That’s what we call blogging. This is where all the magic happens; every blog post believe it or not is it’s own web store or a different section in a department store. Here is where you can start writing about your topics “NICHE” I am going to show you how I sell using my Web Store.regular business like BestBuy

You can start a regular business like Macy’s or Best Buy, but the start up cost is usually expensive and if you are trying to get started this is not  a recommended option. Now if you look at Amazon they offer everything you can find inside Best Buy. Amazon offers everyone an affiliate account and this is how you can sell their products using a special affiliate link that credits you for the sales.

So in using your new web store you would start writing reviews about a product you would like to sell. I know you are just getting started today so writing reviews might sound a bit overwhelming, however, a simple solution to this very small problem is to do a Google search and look for reviews on the very same product you are trying to sell from your Amazon affiliate store. This will guide you in writing your blog post.

When doing a Google search, there are 6 things that most people search for. Most searches start with WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHY, & HOW.

making senseIs Blogging Making Sense?

Does your blog post make any sense? Think about it as you read this post and try to remember what you searched for to find this post. You were not looking for this today all you did was a search and boom here we are connected on a website. Cool right 🙂 now if this was something I was trying to sell you I would focus on one of the searches I mentioned before. I would write a detailed review about 1 product and use the 6 simple search keywords most people search for when surfing the web. Again here it is.  WHO, WHAT , WHEN, WHERE, WHY, & HOW.

It’s all now making sense, so now you must find a  product and make 6 reviews focusing on all 6 keywords. In each question you have to make sure  you are using the product name or model number; something that will identify the question and search together using congruency, so that people surfing the web can find you.

Next you would learn the basics of Search Engine Optimization which we teach you. Understanding the basics of SEO is very important, because without it you might just be wasting a lot of time creating the content, hence making it difficult to be found online and lets be honest, that is the point of writing web blogs because you want to be found online for the creation and creativity of your work services or offers.

Here is a video I created to clear up a bunch of what we covered today

There’s a lot more we need to cover, but it’s best to be done in a classroom environment. This is classroom environmentwhy I have created an environment where you can take your time and learn the things you need to see the results you need much faster than most people. You see many start blogging without any direction. Hours are spent online doing research and no productivity.  I have to admit when I started blogging I was a cheapskate. I did not see a reason to invest in learning how to earn money blogging. I thought it was a huge waste of money.

Why try to figure things out? Why try to understand? What does blogging mean? Everyone is doing it! Have you ever visited websites like ,,, and, They are all blogging. Writing blogs is key to the success of your online internet business, this is what the search engines need to keep their customers happy. If there is no valuable content, then whats the point of searching the web. Content makes us wiser and more successful in what we are trying to achieve.

epic failSo Yes learn how to blog and what to blog about when blogging. You have to understand Search Engine optimization and human psychology when blogging. Our customers are regular people just like you and I, so it’s important we respect them and respect ourselves. Don’t waste time product hoping or searching YouTube for the answers when they are all right here in one place for you. If you try to learn on your own, you must know what you are trying to learn before you even begin a search. Don’t start your online blogging journey blind and without a map. Don’t do it you will find out the hard way it was pointless.



Cool video showing you the possibilities 


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