The Importance of finding a mentor

The Importance Of Finding A Mentor

 So why is it important to find a mentor online and why should you look for a mentor to work with?

A huge question most network marketers try to avoid.

Mentorship is huge for self development & guidance lets be honest working online is very easy when you know what your doing but when you have no idea where to start  you can be overwhelmed with information.

Mentorship take all the guess work away, when you are working with someone that is already having the results & success you want, why not stick with that person and learn from that person.

I started in 1999 I have to tell you it’s a different ball game now there was no Google or Youtube back then and to work online was dreadful keep in mind we had dial up .

Many new marketers think there is no need to pay someone to learn from but yet complain about not making money at times  even wonder, if  I was  that Guru I would be set and have no worries man oh man are they wrong.

Let me be blunt, I have worked with Jonathan Budd, Mark Hoverson,  Ray Higdon, Tony Robbins , David Wood and other Gurus I paid $1000’s of dollars to get their information products and not once did I ever question whether or not I needed it. I mentioned before they have what I needed at the time so why waste time guessing.

The importance of finding a mentor is really to learn from them,  implement the techniques they teach, then duplicate by teaching other networkers what you learned.

Let me repeat:

Step 1:  Learn, Research, Validate

Step 2::  Implement , Take Action, Do it

Step 3:  Be a clone, Copy, Duplicate

VERY IMPORTANT BE YOURSELF!!!!!! Don’t try to be someone you’re not.

Let’s continue Online mentorship is great cause you can learn what you want, when you want. No  classrooms to visit, No attendance sheet to fill out, Just sit back & watch pre-recorded videos and see the guru of choice do what they do best “MARKET”.

I truly enjoy watching webinars when everyone is asleep and waking up in the morning to watch videos on how to do something I am really interested in.  The great part about it is I get to do all this from the comfort of my own home with my cup of coffee and pj’s.

One of my biggest secrets in my success

I worked with people in my niche and no I don’t mean my business opportunity, I mean other networkers.  we would watch a webinar or 2 min video at a time meaning we would watch 2 mins of the video then pause it and implement what we learned in real time. That really accelerated the learning curve, plus it removed that ugly word “OVERWHELMED”. I really never found myself overwhelmed but very excited to complete everything I was learning.

So I hope you can now understand the importance of finding a mentor.

Just in case you still don’t get it. You will cut your learning time in half .

Here is a little system I used to increase my traffic and conversions

Step 1 Create a new Mini Site on influx Entrepreneur Affiliate Marketing System and pick your focus Product

Step 2 Research some Keywords to start your content for your product

Step 3 Use your Google analytics to track everything you create

Step 4 Turn your blog content into different social Platform Example:  FB Note, Tweets, Videos ECT learn how here.

Step 5 Blast it on the internet using your marketing tools  like


Step 6 Move on repeat steps 1-5 for next product

Remember the point of all of this is to be found online and be able to collect leads & give you an opportunity to close some deals right on your website or through Email Marketing or Social Media Marketing

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