The power of creating content using wordpress

The path in creating content

As many already know creating content online is coo. Most are still confused and at times overwhelmed in the simple process of content creation.

Here are some of the most common questions:

  1. What do I write about
  2. How do I get traffic
  3. What do I write about
  4. How can I make money blogging

The answer to these question are simple the purpose of blogging is simply to create content and that’s all.. The grammar or spelling does not really matter as you are a blogger not a professional writer as readers fine your post online using search engines such as Google, Bing, AOL, MSN you win.

The purpose of blogging is simply to create useful information others can benefit from , become the problem solver not the sales person.

creating contentHere is a very simple example first step login into your content platform form, I will be sharing my platform and show you how I create content.

step 1 login



step 2 what do know will help some one (NOT A BIZ OPP) this is where you simply think on your feet or write some ideas on a note pad. Write down the things you know no matter how simple or silly it may sound. I promise some one on the internet is Goggling that right now.

step 3 use google keyword tool. This is simply an easy way to marketing strategy
get ideas and see what others are searching for online. Don’t assume that google is handing you the keys to the internet this is mainly used as a reference point to start your creating and focusing on organic search results. I have seen too many try to start a blog business and fail simply because they hold the google keyword tool as a guarantee and not a reference point.


copy suggested keywords
step 4 copy the top 5 suggested keywords  inside a post and create 2 – 3 paragraphs on each word.. This will require some knowledge on seo to be mastered effectively and correctly. There are many resources online you can get information on seo to expand your internet business online organically.
seo tool


step 5 you should have some sort of  seo tool installed or offered on your blogging network to guide you  and insuring you are correctly creating content on your blog. if not its cool you can always ask your webmaster or admin to install it. If they are cool like we are they will accommodate.
what do i write aboutHere is an example of a key word tool to your right. as you see I need to create more content using the keyword. Creating content on a blog should be around 600 – 800 words. The hardest part in blogging is creating content. This is referenced to the common questions listed above.

In the post I am writing about blogging and creating content on a fly doing some basic keyword research and sharing some screen shots while I create my content live for you as you read along and follow the steps as I create the content… This is where you need to be like Colombo and investigate how and why I am creating the content and not worry to much how I am making money using the blog on my website.

on page meta title, meta description and tagsThe final element to this post is using the meta tags and description also use an alternative native marketing technique for Facebook marketing. In our  network we use this option to demand the search engine to look at our content and display it as we deem proper. Again when you are in control of your website you call the shots.

Now that you are finished it’s time to index your post to the internet. I don’t waiting for content to be indexed I grow impatient, I prefer to do this part once I hit the publish button..  You should also ping your blog post and share it on your social network…   you can learn how I do this part on another blog I created

Some of us create content simply to make money I enjoy creating content simply to share what I know this is the best method by far. I am going to leave you with this.. lets say you start making money blogging are you ready to handle the responsibility of your affiliate or members. I know you want them to stick around and keep buying from you right?So what not teach what you are learning and share that information with your affiliate before you get them into your team. many will & can benefit from your skills even if they are not directly under you, they will sooner than later get involved and buy something from you based on the value you provide.Your in mastery
Hector Guerrero
I know you enjoyed the content feel free and share it with someone you care for.

The path in creating content

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