The secret of being a successful online entrepreneur

Expressing My Fears When
I Started My Online Business

The secret of being a successful online entrepreneur having a moment the haters, the controversy Feels like a close, it’s coming soon. What am I gonna do? It’s too late to start over. This is the only thing I know, Sometimes I feel like all I ever do is Find different ways to word the same, old Niche keywords. Ever since I came Online back in 1999 I Started thinking my name was fault because any time things went wrong, I was the one who they would blame it on.

 the secret new online business modelSocial media made me the equivalent of a modern-day MLM business opportunity I argue it was the new of attraction marketing. I Had to change my style, they said I’m way too much like a home business gimmick And I look like every other online MLM business. I got upset and out came the anger And the retaliation. I  been in the lab since then, But up until the instant that I’ve went against it It was ingrained in me that I wouldn’t amount to nothing. I thought No wonder I had to unlearn everything my brain taught me to Do.

Do I really belong in this Business? I pondered I just wanna play my part, should I make waves or not? So back and forth in my brain, the tug of war rages on And I don’t wanna seem ungrateful or disrespect the business and culture I was raised upon But sometimes you gotta take a loss And have people rub it in your face before you get mad pissed off And keep plugging away.

This is how I feel about it, it’s your only outlet so you know they are gonna talk about it. You Better find a way to counter it quickWhen I was afraid to be a online entrepreneur and make it work, I Feel like I’ve already said this a eternity eighty million times before. How many times can I say the same thing in different ways that can make you understand? What I really wanna say is if there’s anyone else that can relate to my story I bet you feel the same way I felt when I was in the same place you are
When I was afraid to…

– Afraid to make a single video
– Afraid I will never find a way out
– Afraid to write a single blog post
– Afraid I’d never be found
– Afraid about what others think
– Afraid no one would listen
– Afraid No one would Buy

It’s too late to start over I am too deep into the business, I fell in love with the power of the internet.  I don’t like standing still and welcome changes anytime. The internet allows me to stay fresh, it’s never boring, I am always learning something new. The rush of knowing or Learning something before everyone else, being exclusive, receiving perks and bonuses, being paid for every second of work I have put into the business forever.  You see the internet does not pay you by the hour, it pays you by every second you put in of sweat equity FOREVER.

I know what it’s like, I was there once, dead end job got paid every week on time every Friday just to go broke again once the bills got paid. Everyone telling you to find another job, do something else and once you do, your back to broke again. They repeat for you to find something else. You find the internet like I did and yet they tell you to find something else. But this time it’s different you see something you never seen before unlimited income and the thought of “”what if this was it””, what if it’s our time to make it happen and prove everyone wrong, what if this is what we needed to find together to make enough Money to pay all our bills and still see money left over to go buy something we always wanted cause NOW we can afford it… Oh yeah I know how you are feeling.

Be prepared as many will hate on you, they will tell you you are wasting your time the internet is a scam, they will tell you, you can’t make money online only for the simple fact they are too ignorant to see what we see and understand how it works. Next time someone tell you to give up and stop dreaming while suggesting other options other than the internet ask them do you have a Netflix account? They might reply with a yes so ask them why don’t you have a blockbuster membership? Wait for the dumb look as they try to rebuttal back. Simply smile and say thank you for your concern if you wish for us to remain friends back me up or shut the hell up.

And the pain spawns all the anger on But it wasn’t until I put the pain in blogging and learned who to aim it on that I made a spark, I started to creatively write more and work my online business harder as I Learned how to harness the knowledge and share my content using internet to express myself  using written content, video, images and pod casting that I realized content is KING when you are wanted to generate traffic.

There was a lot of bizarre experiences, but the crazy part was soon as I stopped saying “How To Make Money Online Fast” Haters started to appreciate my content And it just breaks my heart to look at all the new online entrepreneur s struggle.

open your mind to the secret of being a successful online entrepreneurI just want to open your mind up to know it’s possible and gave you the supplies and the tools to hopefully use it to make you strong Enough to lift yourself up when you feel like I felt. I can’t explain to you l how dang exhausted it has been to be learning, creating and sharing all the thing I have done to get to this place I am in today.  At least I made it out of that place in time and a found a place in this world when the day was done So this is for every online entrepreneur who all they ever did was dream of one day just getting accepted & respected. I represent him or her, anyone online entrepreneur young or older, you are the reason that I made this blog post and every dream you’re scared to pursue, don’t be afraid to follow your gut or dream From this day forward, just let them haters talk. Take it with a grain of salt brush it off and focus on being the best online entrepreneur you can be.

The secret of being a successful online entrepreneur

Make a game plan, pay close attention to your competition, model every step they so, teach what they teach, share what they share, sell what they sell. Here is a great opportunity for to me express to you Affiliate marketing. This is huge fro you as you are just getting started or have pondered off in creating your own product to sell online. I am not going to indulge on the pain and stress you will have when starting an online business cause it’s worth everything in gold.

I will stress the agony of starting your own online business just to press upon you the fact of being a supper affiliate marketer. If your just getting started or been around less than 1 year Please listen to what I have to say. It’s much easier to promote someones product using a unique affiliate link you are assigned when you complete the registration form for the online affiliate product you have selected to move forward with and promote.

my goal is to have you see results as fast as possible so here it is. All you really need to be part of a blog network that can provide you all the necessary tools you are going to need to promote any online business affiliate product you choose. Your goal is to create as many blog reviews you can about any or all online affiliate programs you are signed up with. You would focus on questions people seeking these affiliate products might have like,

Who, can I target using my Influx Entrepreneur blog?

What , can I blog about using my Influx blog?

When, should I post a review about Influx Entrepreneur?

Where,can I promote my Influx blog?

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How, can I make money blogging when using my blog?

This is just one example how I use to write my 6 blog post every day. find a product to sell then promote it using blog reviews sign it with your affiliate link and finally start your marketing promotion. This is how I made my first $36,000 month. I know it sounds really simple but the part part I left out was how many hours I spent online to make this type of income. I mean I refused to sleep I was learning so freaking much I couldn’t get enough for a very long time I felt like neo in the movie the Matrix, you remember the part where neo wanted more after being tied up to the chair. Yeah that was me as well.

Now hooked & wired I venture off and learn thing I could never image was possible. The ideas are now endless, I always struggled to write  my grammar was never perfect my learning ability was very poor but everything changed when i was introduced to this new way of marketing and running my very own online company. there was many months i went broke and there where many month I had more money I could ever fathom possible. no matter how or bad I stuck through it.

late 2012 My partners and I created a revolutionary product that we have been selfishly keeping a secrets. I need to make it perfectly clear it worked the way we designed it to work.  I have launched over 100 companies in the last 10 years so I know a thing or two about SEO, Ranking, back linking, and most importantly how to get found online by Google users. Yup I said user, This is our customers our Paparazzi the people that made Google who they are today.. Our Customers come in all groups Ages Sex Religion and Ethnicity.  That being said I am glad you made it this far and would like for you to take a sneak peak under the hood of Influx Entrepreneur


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The secret of being a successful online entrepreneur  is to model what others are doing without prejudice.


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