The struggles of the internet ( lots to read )

As I sit here thinking about how all this internet marketing stuff happened. I can only recap on my journey and struggles from everyone that told me I would never see a sale online.

I remember how many people tried to talk me out of working for myself, how many embraced my talent buy yet disregarded my entrepreneurial passion.

I can tell it was a freaking struggle to learn this business when the support from my friends and family was never there, sure they seen my work and was shocked at what I created but really never understood why would I want to work from myself when there are so many jobs out there that would pay me a good wage.

I guess I just have a strong disregard for other people telling me when I could take my break or or use the restroom. I love waking up and going to bed when I want. I enjoy seeing the sun rise and set. I love having my time in control to do as I seem fit for it.

My kids take up the entire morning as I run around & play with them. There are times I just forget to sleep and even eat. My internal clock has no clue how much time has past unless I check the time. It’s a true blessing to do as I wish with my day’s and time.

Internet marketing allows me to set my own hours and promote anything I want. Online companies come and go. These product have only one purpose in mind make as much money as they can then get out fast.

I seen this as a problem for me and any future member I would sign up, I decided to go ahead and create a platform that would work for me. I understand content is what drives traffic to any website. Now building network that would cater to my needs as I am an online promoter I would need something that would connect to a huge network.

I decided to use WordPress since it currently at the time of this article is being used by 90 million customers. I knew this would perfect as we all know all the customers on the wordpress network was struggling to build out there site and wanted to see faster results. Therefor building a multi site network was the key.

With so many developers on hand at my finger tips. Hey everyone like to get paid for a job they love doing this was perfect.

Now how about all my future customers?

I started my research and all of the best plugins and WordPress themes, connected everything up and set up the default setting. I looked at how much all this cost me thus far and I already exceeded $6,743 Wow that hurts but seriously who the hell would buy something like this.

Let’s be honest WordPress is free that’s why they have 90 million customers, yet many of them are online business owners or affiliate marketers . I look at many non affiliate subscriptions and looked real close at Netflix, I simply fell in love with the low monthly plan.

Yes this was it, a low cost as I carry the cost over time just like any business now it was time to get customers. I hit up all my social media friends and started the journey, you ever wonder why you never mix business with friendship, boom you got it. They did nothing as the hate of seeming build what I once just explained in conversation upset them.

Damn it he did it that’s all I heard, no effort in marketing or support with anything server fees, or technical help. This really pissed me off, why would friends do this. Then it hit me haters so I moved on.

Family somewhat supported me but since the revenue was not there they could care less.  It was cool with me after 15 months of being upset with them.

Now back to the customers, I went ahead and started to market and brand the idea to as many people I could. Guess what I signed lots of them. No one could sell what I created cause no one took the time to understand what I did. Everyone was too busy trying to make money or copy what I did they dropped the ball, shame on them. Selling online is super easy as long as you know what you are selling.

I took many under my wing and started to teach live many failed I can’t lie to you, people want to make money and start a online business but many just don’t have what it takes. What holds online entrepreneurs back from success is lack of vision the refusal to learn the business. Just like my friends people love to get paid for doing nothing.

The fix was simple build out the funnel and show more people how to market. Guess what that worked.  As I grew my affiliate marketing companies I started to listen and ask my customers what they wanted from me. I applied it to everything we did and sooner than later everyone that was working with me was making sales from many affiliate marketing products.

We even went ahead and started building products and this was so much fun, hearing ideas and masterminding with real entrepreneurs just like me. All seeing results and marketing to each others list. Yes list building and networking is the path of internet success.

keep something in mind if you desire success you have to be willing to do what others won’t if your looking for instant result get a job.

Being an online entrepreneur requires dedication and work. The ability to learn without supervision, Able to read & write. Even if you have no idea what you are doing remember this neither did I and I made it happen. Put your pride behind and listen to there’s that have what you want.

I hunted for my connections now you don’t have to once you decide to work with me. I am not going to show you how to make money online, the reason is you need to understand how to run and operate a business before you start you venture.

Let’s say you got lucky and signed up a few people how are you going to change there life in any way?

I don’t do short term as I am in it for the long run. The lifestyle I created can’t afford short term income. I am going to refer you to my network as I can guarantee the survival as I am not going anywhere.

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