This is why so many people fail ONLINE

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This biggest issue online is content creation. Most people have a hard time telling their story or sharing the knowledge they have learned online. I have seen this as a huge problem. we buy products and training, we spend hours online researching or reading books, we try 100 techniques see no results so we quit thinking is a waste of time.

Lets talk about video marketing and how it works

The newbie will record there screen of create a video using their iPhone or Android phone. Next they upload it to YouTube they give there video a title forget to add a link to the description or even bother to write a description for there uploaded YouTube video. Then wonder why it’s not going viral or getting any traffic. Sad part is they watched videos on Search engine optimization yet implement nothing they learned or share the things they learned  Huge Mistake.

The proper way in ranking a video is very simple

First you need to see what are people searching for if you find trouble understanding this then I suggest you go and learn more about SEO, what has always worked for me was teaching the things I know so for example if we are going to talk about uploading a video to YouTube then start there. take out a pen a paper and write down everything you about video creation and video sources to upload the video to.

Creating A video Title

So The title would be How to create and upload a video to YouTube. How to video are great since anyone starting online is trying to learn this. The target niche has now become Newbies or new internet marketers. keep this in mind. this subject does not make you a ton of money but t does get you a ton of traffic and leads and that’s where it all start.

Next you break down the section of the videos in parts. make each part of the video your create around 3-5mins get to their attentions in 8 secs and get to the point in under 2 minutes.

Video Topics to cover

  1. Software needed to created online videos
  2. Storyline and chapters to create your 3 minute vides
  3. Identify problem you see or are currently having
  4. So keyword research on the relate topics
  5. Write a 600+ word description about the video
  6. Type out word for word what you are saying on a note pad
  7. Translate the  video into Spanish or another language
  8. Uploaded the transcript to YouTube
  9. Create a thumbnail for your video
  10. Make sure you get their attention in 8 secs what is you video about
  11. Highlight the problem you are going to solve
  12. Solve the problem
  13. As views to subscribe
  14. End video with a call to action some like register below to get 3 intense video marketing secrets
  15. Ensue all you descriptions start with a link
  16. You the blog SEO techniques on your YouTube channel ans videos
  17. Final make sure you share your video everywhere you can think of

I know I can go into deeper details but I will leave that for another time right now what i would love for you to do is connect with me and post your videos below I would love to see what you have created.

Final Thoughts

I want to leave you with this. I love blogging and making video I know traffic and content is the key to unlocking the secrets of the internet. please understand without content you will never get traffic that’s why we blog our tails offs. you can always embed a YouTube video on your blog and get found in two places on Google one being YouTube when you uploaded the video 2nd you blog post. I encourage you to take full advantage of of the network that was created to serve this very purpose.

Unlock The Secrets Of The Internet

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This is why so many people fail ONLINE they don't take action.

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