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When I started Working Online I was so freaking cheap I refused to buy anything but I want to make the millions that everyone was claiming they was making online. I was probably


Months later I was seeing my fellow network marketing buddies just speed by me in content, I was trying to add my cut cablecontent one at a time to cyber space while other was adding 20+ sites within minutes. Have you ever tried to upload a video to YouTube and just sit there and wait the process can take up to 45 minutes oh boy what I fool I was. 

WoW so much time lost & wasted being cheap, I was stress the hell out. I had to find a way to come up with cash fast so call me crazy I cut my cable bill. Nice Job I should have thought of that before I guess I could have been pride.. shorty after once I could afford it I realized I didn’t miss cable I spent most of my time streaming everything online.

I decided to but a computer for under $300 and connected directly to my T,V BOOM now The Entire World is on my T,V Perfect back to marketing This was how I over came my money struggles I started cutting unnecessary expenses.

My Investment went went a long way I was able to buy this software below, Host this blog and buy video software to present my secret tool … Behold the magic of automation

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Hector Guerrero

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