We are told if you want success look at your circle (FACEBOOK)

Friendly  & Formal Goodbye,

Just wanted to let you know our time has expired
I am moving on building a new club and a new list.

Trust and loyalty mean everything to me. Do we have it (NO)

Everything I have been sharing works therefor I have
walked away from my societal networks as it seems I have
been wasting time with dead weight.

I am currently moving forward with the movement without you
unless you seek out my new network.

How can you do this simple, you have to be inside the
Influx Circle within the new club.
I wrote this on my blog today.

We are told if you want success look at your inner circle (FACEBOOK being the most influential)

The reason I writing this review is to remind you of your friends, with societal media being such a huge influence on our lives we feel it’s all about how many friend you may have really?

Facebook is really forcing us to keep dead weight inside our circle. If those connected to you are not engaging get rid of them.

The human mind can easily discourage us from moving forward. Wasting time with fake societal friend that never engage or support you is not what, we as online entrepreneurs can afford.

I recently deleted my Facebook page as it was full of fake societal friends unsupportive of my visualization. The point of societal media is to be societal so what happened?
Pride, Ego, and Narcissism call what you may but I was very transparent.

It scary to lose over 100k societal friends, but if they are not engaging what did you lose, status?

As an online Entrepreneur we know better, we know how to brand and run our online business. My advice if you care to listen is start from the beginning the societal friend you currently have don’t care about you or your business the ones that really do will find you and follow you anywhere.

Somewhere on my blog I posted my new channel find it if you wish to reconnect with me.

As I started to write this review it’s been exactly 12hrs after pulling the plug on Facebook.
My last transition was goodbye. No direction nor reason. This is the part where as a true Entrepreneur if you know you did everything correctly you should remove all fear and doubt and know this is the right thing to do. I am not looking for likes on a post, or care to see someone cat images.

My Facebook is all business I know there should a societal touch to the Facebook network and this is where I see the concern. No one was engaged and everyone has too much pride to ask for help, maybe I failed in requesting friends, or maybe they quit the niche I was working. Never the less it’s over and now.

I can be very selective with who I allow to get close to me
YES VIP exclusive. It’s a new year, new ideas, new friends.

For now these are my thoughts. My final goodbye
FYI I am still running the business.



FYI I am still running the business 100% focused.

Understand one thing please, I have been around for many years and I am seeing first hand this is one of the biggest problems our online circles It’s time to clean up if not nothing will change.

Don’t take my word and keep what you got,

A True Online Entrepreneurs will always bounce back. 2007-2014 that’s 7 years did you know people quit with 3-6 months?

light the candle and move forward as anything new can only be better.

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