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The Influx Webinar system is here

Okay everyone the Influx Webinar system is here as you all already know webinar systems are out there. All ranging from $300 and up. 99% of all webinar system are solely focus on the webinar system.

But times are changing now. As marketers and entrepreneurs we all need a system that can embrace our brand. We should all have a platform that can allow us to use any live video hosting platform to embed into our webinar system, allow us to charge our clients if needed, option to embed other comment system such as facebook, disqus, livefyre and other comments system. The Influx webinar System gives you the flexibility to fully brand and customize the webinar as you wish.

Domain mapping is also huge, evergreen webinar system, easy webinar are just a few webinar systems when shopping for a webinar platform. Influx Webinar system allows you to use your very own custom domain so your customer can truly see the brand you have created and trust.

http://influxentrepreneur.info/webinar-system/What we did inside the influx webinar system is simply build the platform like a marketer would, thinking out the box and adding a full platform. The option we have added was created all on the wordpress platform since we already have over 90 million users on wordpress why not start the platform on it. included your your personal webinar system. Sales pages and optin pages so you may collect leads and start your email marketing campaign right from the start.

I would highly recommend you create an account on amazon s3. Hosting your replay video on amazon s3 just makes you look like a pro vs hosting the replay on youtube or google +. For the most part youtube is great but why would you want to promote related videos of your competition.

Now moving forward once you have created your capture page to collect your leads interested in your offer, it would be real nice once the webinar is live if you could sell or offer them something to buy. This is where the webinar system take a huge roll in the growth of your business.

Now we started thinking out the box as well. we understood how tough it can be when started out online with blogging being so huge no a days we have included this option as well to our webinar platform . There is no other webinar platform on the market that can handle what we have created.

Complete Marketing Webinar System

Why marry blogging and webinars. That’s a simple question to answer. When was the last time you did a google search to find the answer to your question? Blogs have been domination the internet now for over a decade now. You can simply find any answer for any question you may have today. Blogging is huge for search engines to list you as a solution to a problem a web user may have.

Even if you have never blogged in your life, I have to tell you its the simplest and most cost effective way to get organic traffic to your offer. Now when you are solving some ones problem using the power of blogging you can simply sign customers and lead them to your webinar.

But it gets even better, using the power of blogging is cool, how about if you now go ahead and add a membership with a your blog and get two option of collection income from a site. One from a webinar and another from blogging, add a flavor of membership creation with organic traffic and you can completely dominate your niche market and focus on generating leads.

So what do you do once you have all these leads? You email them the great content from your blog using the power of blogging. A simple and complete platform. webinar system

Now lets take it up just one more notch.

webinar system playerWhen using the live webinar or evergreen webinar, you can use the influx webinar  system to integrate a custom video player that will allow your customer, affiliate or regular blogger to embed your video just like they would from youtube, but this time they are embedding your video right from your site allowing the power of blogging with a touch backlinking.

Fully integrated with all the toys, bells and whistle you could ever think of Influx Entrepreneur webinar marketing system is your complete marketing funnel you will ever need. So what’s next?, all you need to do is now get your very own copy and get started with your personal branded webinar , blogging and marketing membership funnel today

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Welcome to Influx Entrepreneur Webinar System, Your Complete Marketing funnel

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