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Website traffic what is website traffic website traffic is crustal for the success of your business and brand Why are they keeping this a secret from your website.  My formal has always been
Content, Traffic , leads, Then sales.

If owning a website or are part of a network would you like to know and understand where and what your visors are clicking on? sure you would that is what we do and live for. Most of us that own a WordPress account all we doing is create content without having a clue why…
It sounds funny but it’s true.

There is lots to understand one of the them is creating content daily, then doing the seo, then marketing
then getting the leads to buy from you so you can earn your projected income goal. I know the overwhelming feeling you might be having or had.

Understanding Website Traffic

This post was created for you to understand website traffic the reason for it being so detailed it Google won’t list the website unless there is pure value and at least 600+ words written on it. That brings me to the next chapter when I speak about website traffic or what is website traffic.

First I start with the title the reason I decided to you a double long tail title is to rank on the internet using a double door gateway. Meaning when a reader such as yourself is reading this post there are two reasons why you would click on the content link. One of them being you are looking to increase website traffic the other is you are seeking information about what is website traffic.

Either way way that is a double door hook I use and teach to all my clients when learning and understanding seo. I know I took your breathe away earlier when I said you have to write around 600+ words but to be honest it’s not has hard as it sounds.

Wwhat is website trafficriting ideas you might be having

The first step is knowing what you are going to talk about if you have no idea start with the question at hand. So if your reading this post you are trying to understand website traffic right? Then lets open up a blog post and start writing ideas you might be having. I know your doing research write down some question and keep reading. the more research you do the more information you are willing to accept. that being said more content to create.

The numbers don’t lie, most Entrepreneurs when looking for an extra cash flow are seeking information from the internet to see what’s out there we never truly under what the hell we are doing or getting involved in. All we know is that we want extra cash flow to pay some bills or be prepared for an event coming up. Everyone needs more or extra income..

What Is Website Traffic Hot Points

what is website trafficNext topic is understanding website hot points and how it will increase the content flow you are creating and better serve your visitors. See what they are clicking on when they go to your website and how effective is your layout and menus.

Not sure how your bounce rate is affecting your website now you can see what is being clicked on and annoying to your visitors and readers. Without this information what is the real point of website traffic.I thought we are creating a website not just for website traffic but to offer or sell something, Content is cool but we are lookign for leads as well right, A new customer to buy something from us.

What Is Website Traffic

marketing strategy

Now do you really think you are providing a service for your business and customers if you have no idea what going on

with your traffic on your website? Don’t forget you are first running a business then everything else.

See whats topics are hot, check the status of your categories. see how many are actually clicking on side widgets and banners. you wanted website site traffic and now you got it. The first step in being a webmaster of your website in knowing and understand the website traffic you are getting.

We invest to much time on our website to get traffic and now once we use this feature we will now know and understand website traffic and increase conversations better

Better ways to increase traffic to our website is to spend time on the pages that we create and see what our visitors are clicking on. keyword research helps as well, we can cover that subject some other time.

Why are they keeping this a secret from your website website traffic is crustal for the success of your Ideas for more website traffic can be found on the article as well

website website traffic what is website traffic


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