we're talking, "S-E-O", search engine optimization

Good day my fellow online marketers. Today, we’re talking, “S-E-O”, search engine optimization. The object of creating content online is traffic. With traffic, you have arrived.

A playground of like-minded individuals out on a play-date, if you will.

A simple way to dissect an “S-E-O”. is to break down the words independent of each other.

Let’s start with the ENGINE. Hector Guerrero

Usually thought to be the power behind an overall apparatus. This does usually require a fuel source.
In our case, we’ll use SEARCH as our fuel. There are infinite possibilities of searches. Even though there are more than three billion people that occupy earth. We are always in search of something. Be it, facts for a term paper, settling an argument with friends or to find out the time of tonight’s feature movie. We desire these results in a blink of an eye.

Lucky for us online marketers we are granted the permission to come to the aid of the world at large. In order for us to increase our popularity online. We must, Seize the Day (“Carpe Diem”). In short, action is required on a daily basis to capture the attention of the masses. Like the billboard alongside the road you travel. Your computer allows you to create content to attract the world.

These billboards are your passport to infinite possibilities.

This brings us to Optimization.


A process of making something (as a design, system, or decision)as fully perfect, functional, or effective as possible. How To make 5 Figures In 3 Months   How To make 5 Figures In 3 Months

Our ultimate goal is to take our neighbors on a short a trip through the information super highway. They (our neighbors) place an inquiry into the optimized search engine.
There are several variables that go into this phrase S-E-O. Just bare with Influx Entrepreneur we’ll continue to deliver our fun glossary.

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