What Is A Blog

What Is A Blog

By:Stephanie Richards

What is a blog? Why would someone want to create content on a regular, in order to get people to follow what they are creating. How do you create a blog? Is it a headache or can it be a piece of cake? If these questions have come across your mind, then you are on the right path to success. Understanding what a blog is, is the key essential to understanding what online marketing is all about. So big question that all marketers want to know and figure out through time and consistency is understanding what a blog is to begin with.

The definition of a blog which I have found through research and looking up different dictionaries is, ” a frequently updated website involving reverse-chronological “posts” or, a short opinion, news or gossip updates, with a collaborative interface. Websites with dated items of content in reverse chronological order, self-published by bloggers, items -sometimes called posts- may have keyword tags associated with them are usually available as feeds, and often allowing comment”. This is the definition that I feel is the best one to go by and will provide you with the most accurate understanding of what a blog is all about.


What Is A Blog| How To Get Started

Once you have the concept of what a blog is, you can then move forward in learning how to create


content. Which most people starting off, if you don’t have the desire to want your blog to go to the next level, most beginners find the hardest part to be getting started! Finding your niche and focusing on creating valuable content to place on your blog. So how do you get started in creating content? What do you write about? How do you get people to hear you? Will your content matter? These are questions I asked myself when I first got started in online marketing, in the beginning I did not have a answer, but with time, trial, and error, I can answer these questions with confidence because I have put myself in a place to be a respected online marketer, and you can do the same.

So How do you get started? The answer to your question is, first understand why you are getting started! This is very important when starting online because when things seem cloudy, you always have to remember why you started. Once you have that understanding the next step is doing research and find out what you are interested in. Once that is established your next assignment is joining what ever program fits you and your family. From there is where the work comes in because you have to learn the importance of creating an online site. By doing so I recommend you find a mentor or a company that will train you on the importance of different things such as S.E.O, which is very important. How to design a site, how to drive traffic and much more. One company I recommend looking into is Influx Entrepreneur. I’ve learned and grown so much as an entrepreneur and person through this company. When you find the company you are interested in the next step is learning, learning, learning followed by implementing what you are learning.


What Is A Blog| Get Started Now

Now that you have the basic concept of what a blog is, and how to get started, you can move forward in learning the importance of a mentor, it will help you create valuable content along your journey of learning what valuable content is, and search engine optimization also know as S.E.O. Influx Entrepreneur has shown me how to create a blog, create valuable content, and what S.E.O is all about, you to can learn what I have learned by joining my team and experiencing real training like I did when I first got started. Consistency is key to any success in life, and creating a blog and turning it into online marketing can change your world and the current blog you make have or the blog you will create.

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