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What Is Domain Mapping?

Domain Mapping is the configuration of integrating a registered domain name to your primary website. The Domain Mapping feature within WordPress allows you to map domain names to any platform that you own and is hosting from. The main reason why people map their domain names is for the purpose of their blogs – domain names get much better result in the search engine than just a regular url name. A registered domain name is easy to identify because it usually starts with “www”, for example,

Domain Mapping Is Easy Within
The WordPress Of Influx Entrepreneur

In a step-by-step guide I am going to show you how easy it is to map domains within the WordPress Of Influx Entrepreneur Site. Please refer to the snap shots below:

Step 1
Login to your Influx Entrepreneur site.

Step 2
Go to “Tools” on your Influx Dashboard and select Domain Mapping as being demonstrated in the image below: 
Influx Domain MappingStep 3
There are 3 options over on the “Front end redirect should be“, click on the first tab, “disabled and entered domain should be used” – This selection is highly recommended if you already have an existing website on the Influx site because you do not want to destroy any of your links and having them re-indexed. Please refer to the snap shots below:
Domain MappingInflux Entrepreneur Domain MappingStep 4
Select “Map domain” as being demonstrated in the image below, to complete the process.
Entrepreneur Domain Mapping

Domain Mapping Tutorial

Also provided below this page, is a video tutorial showing how easy it is to map your domain on the Influx platform and explaining why domain mapping is important.

The Importance Of Domain Mapping

Domain Mapping is important because your website can easily be found just by typing in the search, your domain name, a regular url name doesn’t get this quicker result – Also, your site gets ranked much faster with SEO than just a typical url name. Do you already own a domain name and want to get started with Influx? Click the link below and let us get started:

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