What Makes An Entrepreneur Successful

With entrepreneurship you need a heart bigger than the world itself. I wish I could tell you it’s easy but the truth is, it’s not. We all have goals and desires to succeed in life, but life has a way of always getting in the way and stripping us from our goals,

As an Entrepreneur you gotta be willing to take the punches, the ridicules, the hate, and the bad reviews. There will always be naysayers all over trying to distract us ENTREPRENEURS from being successful.

The good news is that with all the bad news, there is some good to it all. I know first hand there is no such thing as bad publicity. Just don’t read into it all the good bad or ugly. Focus on your growth, Focus on learning, Focus on being the expert in your field.

The BEST practice to follow is to model the one person you admire the most and do everything he/she does, no matter how impossible it may seem. Becoming a true entrepreneur requires heart; no one has to remind you or motivate you. This is what you already want then do it. Seek advice, seek a mentor, be willing to be the student and take massive action.

The hardest part of entrepreneurship is the desire to win. Understand your wealth is based on your knowledge.  Hire the best and/or be the best to get the required exposure, marketing and branding you need to be a successful entrepreneur.

Consider the following two definitions of “entrepreneur”:

Merriam-Webster: “one who organizes, manages and assumes the risks of a business or enterprise.”

Dictionary.com: “a person who organizes and manages any enterprise, especially a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk.”
How do you know if internet marketing or Online Entrepreneurship is for you

How do you know if internet marketing or Online Entrepreneurship is for you? We say find your why, but what does that mean?

Finding your why is looking deep inside of yourself, searching for the one thing your most passionate about. Finding your why is like someone trying to hurt your child, do you call for help or handle the problem right then and there without a second thought no matter the challenge?

You have to believe in yourself more than life itself, no matter how many ridicule you, try to talk you out of pursuing that passion or that dream. Once you decide whatever it may be you want to do or become, there is no one that can deter you from reaching that goal.

In the life of an Entrepreneur you will have something called life, jabbing at you everyday, getting in your way, sending negative energy every second of every day. Every reason you can think of will be thrown at you no matter what. You as the Entrepreneur must have a big enough WHY to over come that. Find the solution not the excuse.

Entrepreneurship is the highest paid career you will ever have just Ask your boss or company But, you have to want it more than anyone else, as it’s your baby and you are the only one responsible for its success.

If all you have are reasons and excuses for why you can’t or why you shouldn’t, I’ll save you the headache, agony and time wasted just “” QUIT “”. You will never be an Entrepreneur online or offline. This is not for you. Otherwise I hope I cleared a mystery question on why we must believe and why it’s important to find our why.


Always Thinking | Always Creating | Always Growing | Always Evolving.

FOCUS is so easily UNFOCUSED.

Do we all have a clear direction and directives of what needs to be done?

Each day is given to us like a parking meter with 24hrs in a single day. How are you keeping the meter feed? Are you being productive or are you busy living someone else’s life & dream?

Are you moving one more step forward or in the same place you was in yesterday? Did you learn something new today or were you too busy focused on things you wished you knew?

We love to be everything, do everything & and be like everyone successful, yet lack the motivation to get there. This tells me you are are in your comfort zone. You are happy where you are at and dreaming is far better than the physical work required to materialize that dream.

I love dreaming; I dream everyday and plan out my day with studying the best of the best and walking along the shadows of those who failed, as I master each trait for my own.

What drives me?  Telling me I can’t do it. ” Game ON “. It’s easy for folks to say it all day, so it’s a perfect source of energy to feed from.

Hector GMy Why is My family, My vision, My Brand!

I am the best version of myself, and I encourage you to be the best version of yourself. If I am going to pay someone, I prefer to know and understand what I am paying for.

I work online meaning I work for my pay, Yes automation happens but, as the owner, you have to keep bringing the work otherwise your business will die.

Never believe you can 100% automate an online business, even with affiliate marketing, paid ads or email marketing, the work is still required and some efforts by all parties involved.

Nothing is ever really automated, but a system is required to be in place to get the automation to feel like a car Assembly line.

Many ask me, Hector how do you promote the brand and why do you focus so much on blogging and video marketing? Simple creating content is the best way to expose your knowledge about the business, Blogging allows the search engine such as Google, Bing, AOL, Yahoo to find you. Content / Blogging is the fastest way to express yourself and build a following of loyal readers to study you and learn with.

CTL=S 300 X 300

I created a simple to follow formula (CTL = S) this is broken down like this, Content will bring the Traffic you need to Generate the Leads required to make Sales Online. This is my madness to promotion learn it, implement what you learned and then create fresh content based on the facts you have collected while doing your research. Simple right.

Why Blogging?

Blogging is your personal diary also blogging is the simplest way to create many websites as each blog in converted into a website effortlessly. I bet you did not even know that :-). Blogging will allow you to find the creative author inside your mind. This is the best form of marketing and best solution to allow your mind to explore areas as an Entrepreneur you have not tapped into as yet.

You don’t need to be  a perfect witter nor be grammatically correct as you read this post I know you find many errors yet you found it and are reading it. Keep this in mind Search engine such as Google, Bing, AOL & Yahoo are not out there spell checking your content. The only thing they are doing is scannign for relevant content for the user doing the search.

google searchThe image above is the only thing search engines cares for helping the person searching for relevant content period. As the Blogger and new entrepreneur understand this is the best solution for you Entrepreneur Brand. Everyone that is an entrepreneur owns a blog or are part of a network such as Influx Entrepreneur.

Why? because its needed for massive exposure without getting to technique every try doing a search of course you have have you seen this part when doing a search? look at the image below

what happens when you search

That’s 45 million 500 thousand searches every 50 seconds 95% are bloggers go figure right, so why blogging its like asking someone why have internet access if your not going to use it to the fullest potential. You have unlimited access to the entire world not just your back yard anymore.

When we connect I can share with you how I was able to grow a network and work with so many Entrepreneurs just like yourself. When I bought the domain www.InfluxEntrepreneur.info My only concern was to work with an Influx of Entrepreneurs cool right and boom We did.

It took a short period before we crushed the internet when applying the basic techniques I would love to share with you, that’s if you decide to work with us inside our network. Everyone has insider secrets but I know for a fact ours works period take a peek at the results when you create content and ask yourself how much you could earn and how many folks you could reach if you have the same traffic.

Here is a screenshot of our real traffic below. yup u seen it right 7.6 Million visitors and it only took us 5 months to get it.  No secret I simply used WordPress and re coded it for maximum performance shhhhh. Now that is something I will never share the hard code and madness of studying very hard.The numbers are inFeel blessed you have taken the time to read this, laugh a little and get to know us. This is a blog post just in case you was wondering on the right you will see other offers and the banner on top is clickable to join and work with us.

We are not push button platform but our main focus is BRANDING and MARKETING. we work with with without the need of the right mentor Influx Entrepreneur takes each customer very serious and is determined to see you succeed.

Be the best today as you owe it to yourself.

I’m on a mission to master me. Life becomes challenging when you realize it’s YOU that’s standing in the way of you reaching your HIGHEST SELF. In the end It will always be Me vs Me!!!!!

While everyone sleeps I Keep Grinding But I know why I am awake I know why I am pushing new limits. I know why I do this.  I love being in control and have a goal in my mind that must be reached.

I know I am the only one able to make that goal a reality, Sleep well my friends. I got this.
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