What Makes You Worth Talking About?

  images  Well What Makes You Worth Talking About, That’s an easy question to answer, the hardest part for any Business or Entrepreneur to break is this very question. My response is real simply “YOUR UNIQUENESS”.

Whats does this mean? We all have a Service or Product that in our opinion is better than our competition   that’s why we offer the service or created the product. I am guessing once you have gotten to this level you have done your due diligence in researching your company. you ahve figured out Price point and compared your niche.

So What will influence others to talk about you.. A BIG BANG” you really need to take whatever you are about to dive into as serious as you can. People are mean , they will beat you up. they will find way to chop you apart, they will kick you when your down, they will hurt you at your weakest point, you have to develop your perseverance and get past this cause it’s just getting started.

I would recommend you really take some time to study and model your competition and just do everything  they did a bit better. Focus on branding2 getting your name / brand really out there block everyone out and keep your eyes on your competitors. They will do everything they can to have to erased.

I recommend to study your craft read as many books  you can, go to events, network with people that are doing what you are wanting to do as well.  Now keep in mind you are the competition as well and are being watched closely. No one like to have other product or service cutting into there profits.

Starting a social buzz, being in the spot light will be hard cause you just started to have people listen ” You Made It” NOW all eyes on on you and the media and social network will catch a frenzy to see you make a mistake and mess up some how. keep in mind BAD NEWS & Gossip travels much faster than Good News.

The More Successful you become the harder it will get.. STAY Focused, Keep Learning, Keep Expanding, Keep Adding Value to your Product or Service… Remember your Product or Service is the reason you are here “Cause You Want IT That BAD” No one will have the fire and determination that you have I mean NO ONE!

I hope you got some Value from this short blog

Closing points.

  1. Stir the pot “BAD NEWS”
  2. Keep Marketing
  3. Attend Events
  4. Study your competition
  5. Make you Product or Service Irresistible

Hector Guerrero

Influx Entrepreneur LLC




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