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Affiliate marketing is the fastest way to start the venture for any and all home based business entrepreneurs. As an affiliate you are not responsible to create the product. The product has already been create your focus is to market and make sales.

Just like selling homes, life insurance and or selling cars. Your pay is based on sales you have personally made. Commissions are paid out weekly if you are part of the Influx entrepreneur affiliate program. Influx Entrepreneur is a complete marketing website with many perks such as a branded website you can offer customers that are interested in building a presence online to promote, marketing and brand there company or themselves.

Influx Entrepreneur was create by a regular guy that needed all the tools necessary under one platform such as video hosting, themes for different niches, webinar system, membership creation, payment gateways for side projects, premium themes & plugin.

When created for personal use, many clients asked how they could join the network as they also wanted the tools as well seeing the results was just not enough they wanted the experience as well.

Many new online entrepreneurs are online with simple WordPress themes & plugins as a base line but lack the funds required to get the fancy plugins and hire a coach or mentor to guide them with their new business. As marketers we know everyone is looking for the easy button but unfortunately we have not been able to find it ourselves but, We have a solution many need a complete marketing system.

With 1000,s of affiliate programs out there it’s imperative to have the right tools in place so what’s needed? Simple, as you are aware you will need a website and the ability to capture leads to allow a database to grow. Next you will need content written to allow the search engines to list your information so others can find a solution to their problem we call this blogging, next you will need something to offer your customers so you can earn income while working and growing your internet business.

Influx Entrepreneur Service

All this may sound easy but without a mentor around it can easily get overwhelming very fast. We also found a solution to this small yet serious concern. We enjoy learning and growing the business but, it’s more rewarding when you can also get compensated for the time invested. The fastest way to get the traffic to any website is Content right, But how?

Getting traffic to a website

The fastest and easiest way to generate traffic to any website is to create content daily, so what can you write about? We have selected WordPress to be a niche of choice since we have recorded over 90 million customers to be using this platform and we also created a blog network on the WordPress open source code as well. What we have found to be true is there are over 100 million domains registered in the public directory under popular registrars you may already be aware of.

Taking your personal Influx Entrepreneur account seriously, you can easily break down every moving part of WordPress and helping exciting clients on the WordPress network. So how can you benefit for this if they already have a website? Simple answer. Influx Entrepreneur has pre-installed 100’s of premium themes & plugin the common person could easily spend 20k buying all the themes and plugins on their own. Now you can resell this option for a fraction of the cost and ongoing membership cost of $9 monthly simply removes any competition.

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Video Hosting for $9 monthly website included

With YouTube, Facebook & Google + being a free network to engage and share pictures and videos, it’s commonly misunderstood or taken for granted free network can shut your account down without notice killing all of your marking material and massively hurting your traffic and lead conversions. As full time marketers we seen this as a problem for an Entrepreneur and team builders.

Who wants to lose all that content cause the free network decided your videos are not worth there free space. We know Entrepreneurs like saving money and getting great deals therefore it was included to the $9 monthly cost without prejudice. Keeping everything under the main website/store makes everything easy to manage for our clients without having the extra overhead in cost as when you start an online business this is the life line and blood of your online business.

Webinar system with evergreen and automated emails.

As webinars grow each year we find it very easy to hold a call and share the top traffic secrets behind closed doors without restriction and extra cost to manage and or host each webinar. This is by far is a cool option once it’s evergreen your customer will attend last year’s webinar as if it was created today just for them without having a clue. This keeps your content and message clean and up to date. This also allows you, once marketed corrected to generate leads daily for a longer length of time. Giving you a guru presence on the internet. Allowing room to grow and generate more cash flow on a measurable level just like a real business should be.

Creating products using memberships

As a profitable affiliate marketer you might be getting a bit flustered if you have built a good size organization and it might be time to start training your new found direct affiliates your way. With so many options and training platform out there it’s best to now start focusing on your brand and building your networks worth. You can now start creating your own personal training and teaching your direct affiliates how you market and close, using your personal style that has gotten you that guru status today.

Training platforms where you can create products to resell can run around $99 monthly but just as the webinar system inside Influx Entrepreneur we have decided to also include this option for our clients for the same monthly cost of $9 monthly as we know your business is growing and its time to expand.

Now it’s time to open up some merchant account or Clickbank account to start accepting Visa, MasterCard, American Express or discover just like any other offline or online business would. Stripe, PayPal or Clickbank seem to be the top preferred merchant our customers have selected with many other gateways available as well.

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Creating The Affiliate Marketing Funnel

Now that you mastered affiliate marketing, build a solid direct affiliate company yourself it’s time to offer your direct affiliate members the option to promote your product for a commission compensation as well. It’s time to truly run and operate your Online Internet Company like a true profession the best part is, everything you ever needed was all under one roof you are now calling home.

Influx Entrepreneur, It gets even better since we are also professionals in the same field we can Taylor your new company, host it on our server provide full cpanel and ftp access with unlimited support. As programmers and designers we don’t like the word “out of scope” like other hosting platforms so we don’t use those words we prefer lets “get it done” or figure it together to make everything flow without any headaches.

Influx Entrepreneur is a full blow marketing company

Established on Nov 2009 Influx Entrepreneur was seeking the best and fast way to get just affiliate products promoted without the heavy monthly cost of paying 3rd party services and spending money we have not generated as yet therefore it was decided to charge a one time cost of $500 then only $9 monthly period no matter what was added to the Network for our Direct affiliate to get the best advantage to market and generate leads to increase sales volume.

Getting paid weekly was the breaking point we needed to help our direct affiliate stay motivated and earn a full time income working part time from home.

Understanding the market we also knew our customers wanted to get fast and on time. Our customers did not want to pay an additional fee to be an affiliate & a customer so there was no extra Affiliate fee as many other companies was already charge $19.99 to be a re-seller. We said $9 monthly and we meant it.

Direct Affiliate Marketing Blueprint

Influx Entrepreneur is now offering other services not included in the network

As we grow we listen, we have a large group of regular non affiliate customers as well that have needs and wants such as, Offline line marketing with marketing materials such as flyers, post cards EDDM services, local marketing and many more.

Self-hosted network with cpanel and ftp access to control everything in the back end without limits, Option to purchase domain, redirect or park them on their server. A dedicated hosting customer service manager to assist them with their website installation or troubleshoot common problems. Daily backups without the extra cost & fees. Yes we listened and we delivered and still keeping that cost low as well.

Online marketing services such as setting up & Managing Google Adword campaign, Facebook PPC, YouTube PPC, email marketing services and so much more. Under the same roof with an experience technical marketing company you can’t lose with Influx Entrepreneur we strive on excellent service and go beyond the call of duty to serve our customers as we would like to be served ourselves.

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