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Greetings from Hector Guerrero,

It’s been over a year now and we are Increasing The price yet again for Influx
If you’re already IN that’s great News for you.

You can now earn $800 per sale

Now if you’re not in yet tell me why the hell not.

It’s been 18 months going strong you seen me grow develop and teach many
techniques that many are too afraid to teach you.

I have seen many newbie know nothing within weeks in our Program Boom!
over night Marketers…

Get inside work with us unless you love watching video all day without direction

Inside Influx we have a great Skype room

Just day to day marketers helping
each other out with: (See below)

Coding, Traffic, link building, Design, Blogging, Video Marketing

SEO, Membership Sites, PHP MySQL, Hosting Email Marketing

Sales Pages, Squeeze Pages and much more…

See what some of the team is currently doing with our training

Click on there names to learn more

Stephanie Richards   Chad Walter

Wendy Elwell Kenya Brassfield  

Julie Beachum    Turiya Hodge  

Dan mcKim 

 Founder, Influx Entrepreneur
Hector Guerrero 

My mentors
Jonathan Budd & Mark Hoverson

P.S Just like you I spend Money to learn the things I know
By the way, I still actively Promote All my Affiliate Links!!!!!

“My advice, DON’T QUIT all the work you are doing is just about to pay off”

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