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It’s real simple why you would need Influx Entrepreneur, Everyone I know that Entrepreneurs using Influx Marketing System is getting faster results when promoting their products on our platform. I have seen an increase in sales using the Influx Entrepreneur Network for all of my affiliate products I promote.

Influx Entrepreneur Created back in 2011 has changed the way I ever looked at seo marketing strategies. The point of blogging I just never understood yet I went ahead and built a marketing systems based on creating content using the blog. We all truly dislike blogging and all get writers block at times. Truly there is nothing more relaxing than creating content as Entrepreneurs we are constantly learning new strategies, new social platform, new tricks, new tips this list is endless. Being an active online Entrepreneur we are contently learning something new if your not learning anything new daily your are not moving forward with your business.

Working Like A True Influx Entrepreneur

The concept of working from home is for the most part misconstrue with hype and magic tricks to lure customers into buying some new secret or quick get rich scheme of some sort.  I am here to inform you that content creation is key for you online success without it your as good as dead and should just walk away. The idea of creating content is to brand you as an Entrepreneur that understands the Online Business World.

Why use the Influx Marketing System simple cause it works. Influx was created to support the marketing structure of blogging, video creation, lead generation tools and software.  When building this platform I asked myself what is really needed when creating a blog network and decided to go on a very long journey to understand what niche marketing and branding was all about. I quickly realized that a blog platform was needed with the tools that most entrepreneurs needed and how could I make it cost effective to support the demand.

What Influx Entrepreneur Means To Bren and Mike

This was simply done by looking at what the competition was doing and the level of service they offered. Influx Entrepreneur decided to open up the phones to help the needed entrepreneurs with a branded website using the influx entrepreneur platform.  This idea was put into full force once an affiliate took the platform and was able to transform it to there primary blogging platform.

Feeling Appreciated

Q -I had an interview with the client and asked why don’t you just create your blog and push it the same way,

A- The response was simple why would I have the worries of a blog going down or update from WordPress killing the site when I can just call you and it’s fixed.

I simply found this simply true, and determined that only successful blogger would think like this as I went ahead and interviewed a few dozen other top affiliates getting the same answer.


Feeling Disappointment

I went ahead and called a full inactive members and asked why did they cancel most just thought it was to involved to create content, or did not like creating videos. The most common response was, I just wanted to make some money online but realized I was unable to accomplish this.

My response to this was very direct as I offered direction if they took action right now. So I lead with what are you doing right now, Response was nothing just watching TV or getting ready to start dinner.  I said call for pizza we are getting to work right now turn on your computer and lets see what’s really holding you back from seeing the results you are expecting.

Influx Entrepreneur

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We get into the blog system and start understand SEO and content creation. We was able to create 1896 words one one single blog post. My customer was so excited and felt as an inner power just took over. How is this possible I was never able to create more than 200 words and had no idea of seo and how influential it really was.

This was simple to answer as Entrepreneurs we are often restricted to try something new unless the reward is GUARANTEED. That being said when a new online internet entrepreneur seeks the venture of blogging to make some extra cash they are more often than non overwhelmed with the learning curve and entrepreneur mentality they seems just easier to call it quits rather then jumping into blogging with two feet in the trenches.

Keep in mind writing is much easier when you start with something you know. Don’t stress the technical part of seo or keyword research this will come when you deem it necessary . The rule I have mentored is get to 300 blog post asap within your bloging journey make time to learn whats needed.


How To Index your Website To Be Found On Google

There are so many cools options for you to use and get found online I would love to share with you. To be honest this blog post is unable to allow you the experience you need to truly see and understand the power of a blog can truly be when use correctly. If you really want to see dramatic changes or considering follow the many that are currently on the influx entrepreneur platform, I would suggest you watch this last video and hop on board with one of our coached to brand your need and get you the results your are desperately needing.

Affiliate Marketing system

What Is Influx Entrepreneur Affiliate Marketing System

By know you should see why I am so excited supporting the Influx Blogging Platform and would love for you to experience what many including myself have experienced as well. You can simply follow the side banner or visit us @ Influx Entrepreneur Marketing System

Influx Entrepreneur a blogging platform anyone can use

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