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Word of mouth

Website Traffic

Word of mouth Website Traffic

You see, holding conversation with close friends and family about what movie to go watch or book to read,

you base the options of word of mouth information or get an idea. You would probably turn to trusted friends & family for the best rated and reviewed options.



Email Traffic

Email Traffic

Email  Traffic is a great platform because most people need to be engaged 7-9 times before they buy.

Spending a few mins per day you can create the most compelling email with a strong base story line to continue having your subscribers opening the email that will lead them to a website…

That alone is instant blog email traffic



Blog Traffic  Blog Traffic

Original content on your blog will help bring new visitors to your offer.

The secret to blogging is being consistent writing a blog daily is effortless and rewarding long term with little maintenance.

Using this technique is very useful and rewarding when being linked to social networks and circle of influence. keep in mind we covered this in the Email Traffic section


Search Engine Traffic  Search Engine Traffic

  Using blog platform correctly you instantly become important to search engines send there bots .

Now they start poking around your new site and collect data to share to their customers that are using their search engine as a platform to find relevant content based on the customers personal search.

 Many experts would call this Search Engine Optimization. I call it know thyself if you know what you are representing then you will know what to talk about  and now your traffic. keep in mind we covered this in the Blog Traffic section


Video Traffic Video Traffic

This should not be news that the 1# source of information is now video.

More and more people turn to video networks such as Netflix ,YouTube, and cable networks online streaming.

If you interested in making Videos do a search… Now keep in mind we covered this in Search Engine Traffic Section


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