Work From Home Moms

Stephanie Richards

Work from home moms, can be an exciting adventure if you have the proper tools set in place.

The power of online marketing has changed the vision of working for a single mother. Being that I am a single mother it took me a while to really fall in love with working from home. I was so stuck in the average way of think, “get a job” and save to provide a good life at a older age for you and your loved ones.

The old traditional way became very tiresome to me quick, I didn’t like the fact of knowing that I would have to work half of my life just to relax in my late sixties! When I really thought about it I would be missing out on life, I mean yea you get holidays but what can a week out of the year do?

I had to figure out a way to be able to provide a income and still spend time with my children and family. That’s when I decided to see what was out there in the online world to take the weight of a full time job off my back, but when I began to dive into researching I learned that online marketing isn’t a one hit click wonder that will bring you millions, it actually takes work and time (just like a corporate job). If I can go to a J.O.B and work hours to see little to nothing why not put my efforts into my own online business.

After researching and going through trial and error and believe me there were a lot of trial and error I finally came across a platform that actually understood my wants and needs, when it came to online marketing. I found a team that wanted to strive in providing for there family just as bad as I did, but understood that you have to put in the work in order to see the results. So the question was how do I work productive and effective to drive massive traffic? Luckily my team had an academy that was beyond understandable, it makes you want to take action then and there because you become so fascinated with the training you can’t help but to provide valuable content.

After putting in the work I actually seen results that made me excited to create more and more content and get more and more involved. I wanted to learn all about creating a website, and what it takes to create traffic, and finding out different tools you should have set in place when marketing. That’s what the academy offered and helped me understand to provide an effective blog properly. I’m glad I found my team because I can now same I am a computer queen in marketing and proud of it. Here’s a quick video of what’s inside……

That is just the beginning of what I have learned through this academy. I’m so glad I found my mentor Hector Guerrero, he has helped me stay focused when I felt like giving up. This Academy has helped me go from knowing nothing about online marketing, to creating my own running site.

This powerful team goes by the name Team Influx. I’m proud to be apart of it because the words ” Work at home moms” is something that can be a reality, if your willing to put in the work.

Want to join me click here.



Love To Learn,

Stephanie Richards






Stephanie Richards

Team Influx

P.S. I recommend What Makes You Worth Talking About?

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Hi, My name is Stephanie Ray. "Love To Learn" is what I live by. The world and the internet is evolving everyday and I'm enjoying the ride. I enjoy helping others, blogging, and spending time with my loved ones. I am proud to be an mompreneur.