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Greetings from Hector Guerrero,

This could be a huge week for you.
The kind of week you look back on as
a pivotal turning point in your life.

I know that’s a big promise. But I can deliver.
Stick with me for 3 minutes. I’ll explain:

6 years ago, I had a serious crisis in my life. Without going into the full drama, I lost Everything, Houses, Cars, Friends my Children. I was done!!! I wanted to run away and never look back. Wow I can still remember working for food, sleeping in 1 of my investment homes cuddled up with my dog cause we had no heat. Man I was completely defeated. It was scary, because we were never able to get our heads above water; our little savings account was quickly drained. I felt stuck,scared, and lonely. It actually made me dizzy to think about how out of control my Life was at that time.

But in the midst of that, I saw a little ad on myspace that said I could make some money with this “system.” “Yeah right!” <—I said to myself.

But when you are as desperate as I was, you just Open your eyes for A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G that could work.

Well, all I can tell you right now is: IT WORKED.

And right now, my life has completely changed 100%.
I’m going to be upfront. I worked my butt off. I spent over
over $10,000 trying to figure out how to make money. And finally, I cracked the code with this unique system and team. For the first time in my life, I can actually rake in ca$h without having a boss looming
over my shoulder. It feels so liberating.

Wait till you experience it. We are actually planning our dream vacation to  Cancun, Mexico to bask in the sun, windsurf and scuba dive. I’ve always envisioned me and my family taking a trip that was fully paid for with all the bells and whistles, because believe me I work my butt off to be where I’m at today. If you can think it, you can achieve it!!! Plus, because of the secret mon.ey system I use, we are able to start dreaming again. It feels like the world sucker-punched me when I lost Everything, but now I feel strong and energized again.

Point Blank: I’ve got to share this with you.

So, right now, to celebrate the 6 Year Anniversary of Losing Everything”. I’m doing something really unique.

I’m going to give 200 people and o-n-l-y 200 People a major advantage that I wish I had, when I started. I am going to lavish mentoring bonuses that Will literally knock your socks off.

But here’s the problem, I have over 4,245 getting this email. And my special Mentoring bonuses are only going to 200 people.

Why? Because when you see the bonuses, and the value, and
the guidance I am going to provide these 200 people,You will understand immediately how expensive in time and money
these new partners are going to cost me. I used to flip through
Magazines that were trying to sell small dorky little franchises (like
Ice cream or vending routes) for up to $10,000. When you see the
Program and potential I am sharing with these 200 people, you will see.
It blows those little ideas out of the water (and it surely doesn’t cost

I am not able to give any more details right now.

But, I have created a special waiting list for you. Once you are
On the waiting list, you will Get absolute first grabs. And priority notice on the bonuses And the vision for this very special situation.

To get on the waiting list, follow these directions exactly:

#1-  Get On The Waiting List Right Now!

***Please note, because of the amount of people getting on the list,
please do not take it personally if I don’t respond to you privately
within 24 hrs. I promise I will carefully read every email sent to me and
you will get first-priority information. However, I cannot promise I
will be able to personally reply to your email. ; )

As a member on this waiting list, I will give you special
Early-bird access to see the bonuses and potentially get
First-grabs at one of the 200 spots.

Don’t delay, I have serious vision and strategy to share with
These 200 people. If you are ready to be first-in-line
To hear about all the details. Get on the waiting list now:

#1-  Get On The Waiting List Right Now!

Connect soon,
Hector Guerrero

Ps…once you are on that waiting list, keep your eyes peeled to my emails for the next few days. I’ve got some really explosive stuff to show you. Like I said, the next few days could be some of the most life-changing E-V-E-R. You’ll see what I mean.
Get on that waiting list by following these directions exactly:

#1-  Get On The Waiting List Right Now!




Founder, Influx Entrepreneur
Hector Guerrero 

My mentors
Jonathan Budd & Mark Hoverson

P.S Just like you I spend Money to learn the things I know
By the way, I still actively Promote All my Affiliate Links!!!!!

“My advice, DON’T QUIT all the work you are doing
is just about to pay off”

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