YouTube Video Marketing Secrets understanding the youtube views

YouTube Video Marketing Secrets

understanding the YouTube views


So your probably wondering how you can increase your YouTube views , let start by getting a deeper understanding of YouTube and what you can do to get Your recent videos published on your social media platform.

I need you to understand that if your in network marketing or affiliate marketing you have to run your YouTube channel as a business otherwise there is no point in marketing period . YouTubers are serious people they love commenting on detailed informative video if you half step your production and marketing your done but not completely out in the dark I always say make mistakes because mistake can always be corrected or edited.

Now when you create your YouTube channel make sure you take the time to read Terms of Service

Adjust your setting below I provided some links for you please take a day or two to look thru all of your settings

After all that is said and done you can now start uploading you videos to youtube and see some traffic the bigger you audience the bigger the videos…

Another kool trick is to create a YouTube play list Check out my channel

This is what your video channel should look like

once you follow the steps take your time to read and set up your YouTube channel correctly


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