YouTube Video Marketing Secrets understanding the youtube dashboard


YouTube Video Marketing Secrets a question that every affiliate marketers mind.

It’s been a while I shared some cool trick with you all. I have been testing many tricks and techniques for months now on what makes Google tick. Ever since Google & YouTube merged together there has been an upset on how videos and content are measured.

Lets look at some examples of YouTube and what makes YouTube tick.

YouTube Secret #1




Understanding YouTube back office, here is a snapshot of YouTube Analytics look very close  so what does this mean you might be think still waiting for someone just to give you the secret of YouTube well if you start studying this picture  you’ll soon understand that you have took look closely at what you really what to accomplish.

This is just an overview of a YouTube channel I created.  Over the past couple of months growing in traffic and subscribers on auto pilot .

If you look a bit closer YouTube is telling you what is expected with very few words if you look under the section that reads

Views Report

  • Views
  • Demographics
  • Playback Location
  • Traffic sources
  • Audience retention


YouTube is giving you the playbook.

The Secret of YouTube is to get traffic to all 5 sections listed above but understanding each section is more important than traffic. You must be thinking I am crazy right now let me explain, if you understand how each section works meaning how does Google/YouTube collect the information, getting traffic is almost effortless.

I put a cool training course together that focuses on traffic creation I call it Traffic Domination 4.0

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