The Men Who Created America

the men who built america

John D. Rockefeller, Cornelius Vanderbilt, Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford and J.P. Morgan rose from obscurity and in the process built modern America. Their names hang on street signs, are etched into buildings and are a part of the fabric of history. These men created the American Dream and were the engine of capitalism as they…

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Can’t make me want what I don’t want. You can’t dangle something in front of my face that’s,I don’t want that, And many of your are taking anything cause you don’t know what you want. So if I can do one thing for you when you leave this room, I don’t want nothing from you…

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What Makes An Entrepreneur Successful


With entrepreneurship you need a heart bigger than the world itself. I wish I could tell you it’s easy but the truth is, it’s not. We all have goals and desires to succeed in life, but life has a way of always getting in the way and stripping us from our goals, As an Entrepreneur you…

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Earning A Living Working From Home Writing

CTL=S 300 X 300

As many are seeking the internet to start earning a living working from home writing it getting to be a bit of a challenge for those that have never written or like to write to earn a full time income online. It might seem a bit much for many but, I can tell u first…

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Just me nothing special very very boring

the brand

What’s going on my fellow online Entrepreneur I just finished a live 2 hrs webinar and one of my videos showed up on my search and it got me thinking Its been a long time I have been working online I started back in Dec 2004 full time this was the day I just flat…

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Case Study: The Art Of Creating The Perfect Funnel That Converts

Facebook funnel

Building your marketing funnel can be a bit challenging. There is three parts to this madness First you should visualize the path your potential customers are going to be taking, Second the mindset based from your content you have been writing and sharing. Third is the calendar are you paying attention yet? Funnels and generating…

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The struggles of the internet ( lots to read )


As I sit here thinking about how all this internet marketing stuff happened. I can only recap on my journey and struggles from everyone that told me I would never see a sale online. I remember how many people tried to talk me out of working for myself, how many embraced my talent buy yet…

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Webinar Secret cheat sheet You Should Know

affiliate marketing webinar cheat sheet

Creating or Hosting your first webinar template cheat sheet Friendly Hello, It’s your Buddy Hector Guerrero from Influx Entrepreneur I got some cool updates for you. #1- Keep your voice in a high energy and clear cadence. No slouchy insecurity. #2- Welcome everybody and thank them for coming. #3- Practice hosting and having a relative/family…

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What if you got this much traffic could you earn money?

influx website traffic marketing paltform

Friendly Hello, It’s your Buddy Hector Guerrero from Influx Entrepreneur I got some cool updates for you.   If you’re looking to earn $3000 monthly online As I did when I started then you should read this entire special report. Here is the traffic I generated last week alone, If you could do the same…

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MaRkEtErS hAvE nO rEaSoN tO fAiL BUT YOU DO…

trained or untrained

The information has always been there for real online entrepreneurs to seek out, As I continue my studies I see the problem with social media and the desperate marketers. Everyone no matter where you go is trying succeed. You can scroll on anyone timeline it pretty directly Buy this or buy that. How about the…

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Build your business as your team will let you down.


For many years I have worked with many clients both free and paid. I have have seem many succeed and in return must confess I’ve even more FAIL. For a long time I thought it was my fault I called my customers, created live hangouts or video stream or some sort, conference call and still…

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Installing wordpress and setting up the dashboard


Installing wordpress and setting up the dashboard, now you can also skip all this by getting on a network and save yourself weeks of work… By getting your own Influx Branding Network You will need a central hub for all of your online traffic to flow thru. To create a central hub you need to…

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Increase sales using webinars


It’s true, webinars will increase sales to any business. Many online entrepreneurs are using webinar via wordpress a social networking blog platform that allows you to create and feed your customers information daily. This is by far the bast form of communication you have with you customers and or team members. Webinars are proving the…

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Sharing your content using social networks | How to market


Once you have thought out the information you are about to write it’s important to know your social circle and environment. Every time I publish content such as blogs or video I like to share on my social networks I like using buffer it connects all my social network and submits it to all  social…

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Can I Market Online without Writing | I Hate writing blogs

believe in yourself before others do

Yes, you can marketing online without writing a single blog. If your looking for a fast cash then spam the hell out of your social market and burn all your social bridges. This is in fact, the truth online when any new entrepreneur starts there venture. Refusing to write just leave one option available “spamming”…

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creative writing using a blog network

Creative writing using a blog network

Creative writing using a blog network is now the fastest growing career and the ability to do it all from home is what many stay at home moms and dads have been waiting for. Back in 2008 when the economy crashed many self employed entrepreneurs found a new way to generate income when jobs took…

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Teach What You Know Not what You Heard

teach what you knwo not what you heard

Friendly hello, If you’re reading this post that means you are already an affiliate with Influx Entrepreneur or thinking about being part of the family.I am glad to have been able to serve you such a power affiliate program without the monthly cost. Now if you are a paid member and have created your website…

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Influx Webinar WP FaceBook Group Review

influx fb like box

Influx Webinar WP FaceBook Group Review Review By: Stephanie Richards   Wondering what the Influx Webinar WordPress Facebook Group is all about, this review will give you a better understanding of what Influx Entrepreneur and the Facebook group is all about. In order to understand why the group was created, you need to get a…

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