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Welcome fellow reader this facebook product is a full blown out review that will break pic redirect the creator Robert Mercado has created a fantastic facebook product that allows you to redirect any image using his self created product called Pic Redirect.

Robert Mercado Pic RedirectFor those that might not know who Robert Mercado let’s start by saying he is a regular guy that does not like rules . I found Robert doing some research on a product I was going to review. As I was studying the site I found his testimonial. I decided to hunt Mr Mercado down using the Facebook product we all love to use to post picture of our kids and life events. I started by doing a Google search then Facebook Robert.  To my surprise he responded and I simply asked him a question and became friends with an image as he has branded himself very well.


The facebook product he created was very Facebook product on facebook timeline
impressive he calls it the Pic Redirect. I quickly
got access to the product and started my marketing. I was able to rank the software on page on of google within minutes.

I Facebook him right away sharing the results of the product, Robert replied nice bro
Robert Mercado nice bro send me link, You are good at what you do

So back to the facebook product and what is does.  Pic redirect take any image you upload and adds a
redirect link  just like it says it does. You can post it to facebook and google +.

The cool part of this link if your into facebook marketing you can boot your post with this awesome facebook product making your life easier as an online promoter.

I decided to go ahead and show you how well it works as well by embedding a recent Facebook post after using the Facebook product we are speaking about.

Google plus is just as simple to have your picture / image redirected to  a link of choice. This is very powerful the ideas are endless. Here is a snap shot of Pic Redirect in action

facebook product on google plus

I decided to create a real life demo and show you how it works in real time. I just used the Facebook Product and post the image on the left to Google plus go check out he stats and see it in real time. don’t forget not to close out this post so you can keep reading more about what it can do for you business.

It’s easy to click on just the image it’s cause the person to think what the heck is this. since there is no link they feel the right thing to do is push the door open meaning clicking on the image.

Are you seeing it yet,
the power of Pic Redirect?


I know, can you see the power, it’s simply very cool. I have been creating  blog post for years ranking on 1st page of search engines effortlessly. With this tool it’s a simple marketing advantage when you are trying to have your social network engage and visit your content. Yo see as I study how marketing works, The hardest click is the very first one.

Almost like the wild wild west, who will draw first in the marketing world world is who will sell who what when first if that made sense lol

Robert Mercado Creator Of Pic Redirect Product Review

 Pic Redirect Facebook Product the facts

Almost to easy right you can read that full @ Facebook Product Review
Entrepreneurs on social networks are all rich and famous and everyone has the best product ever but unless they are exposed with real marketers that are truly making things happen, online product and opportunities simply slip by them.

Many marketers are too busy creating new magic tricks to make money online while everyday losing more and more value. The simple fix share pics simple right? almost too simple keep doing what your doing always be providing great super content . People love clicking on pics,

Content is king for the internet and if you want to see results for your business your best be  making those blogs and video but the truth is that even YouTube is using thumbnail why?

A good blogger know telling stories is your biggest take away and pictures now a days are leading just as powerful as video marketing, think about it a video with an okay image might get some views put a thumbnail that’s wow people, Boom more views. I am not making anything thing up right now you are guilty of the picture clicking as well. it’s okay it how we are no shame it but you now have the option of scaling your marketing up one more level.

 Pic Redirect Facebook Product

facebook product pic redirect



Let’s make it happen and order Robert Mercado’s Pic Redirected and Show Facebook and google how the big boys & ladies play on social media.



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