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To: All Online MarketersHector Guerrero

From: Your Online 
Internet Marketing Coach, Hector Guerrero


The Physical ‘Know How’ Of Online Internet Marketing Success.

You know, it never ceases to amaze me how much people want to RESIST change in their lives.

    Even when the world could be falling to pieces because of ‘Old Ways’ of doing things… humans will continue to HANG ON for dear life to their ideas or habits, out of pure fear of the unknown.

    The sad part is (for those who do that) that on the other side of that equation are usually the biggest BREAKTHROUGHS and REVOLUTIONS that we could ever experience. In fact, every major breakthrough our species has encountered was because SOMEONE ventured into the unknown… and tried something new.

And The Benefit They Usually

Get From That Is Beyond Words…


    What’s crazier though… is that this analogy is still SO accurate today and we can see it almost everywhere. We can ESPECIALLY see it in the network marketing industry.

    I can’t tell you how much I want to LAUGH when I hop on just about every network marketing company out there’s traditional “Training Calls”.

    You call teaching people how to run around in circles, chasing their friends and families training?

    You call harassing people in grocery store lines training?

    You call buying dead beat lists for $5 a piece who are supposed “real time leads” training?

It’s Pathetic How MOST Network Marketers

Are Building Their Business Today…

    But I’m hardly here to complain about the lame and boring traditional tactics that are all most people know. The fact of the matter is… It’s IT’S NO ONE else’s job to create our success other than our OWN.

    And if I had relied on my companies training or uplines to show me how to be a true Top Producer in this industry…

    I would have NEVER put over 2087 people into my last company in less than 5 months using strategies 99.9% of this industry has no clue even exists. And that my friend… is what I want to talk with you about today.

    You see, I know that if you made it to this page you probably intuitively GET that the Internet has the power to help you build your network marketing business beyond your wildest imagination.

    I know you already UNDERSTAND that technology is the future of our industry… and the people who understand how to use it to sign up ‘Endless’ recruits will have major advantages over the “dinosaurs” in their company.

    The problem is… you probably have no clue how to do this yourself.

    You’ve probably spent days, maybe even weeks or months, trying to figure this out for yourself and are still at square one.

And There’s One Glaring Reason

Why You Are STUCK Dead In The Water…

    You have not had the ‘Step-by-Step’ hold my hand over the finish line guidance that you need to truthfully use technology in ways that COMMAND prospects and cash flow to come to you.

    It’s that utterly powerful guidance that I’m going to show you how to get today, but first, just in case this is the first time we are ever meeting, let me tell you a bit more about myself and why you’ll want to listen to what I have to say very carefully.

    My name is Hector Guerrero and I am now one of the industries largest coaches, teachers, and trainers teaching network marketers how to use technology to create massive results for their business online.

    Over 53,000+ students tune in weekly for my cutting edge trainings, and I’ve helped HORDES of people become top producers in their current companies using the Internet.

    But before all this… I was in the EXACT same place you are today. I spent 9 months of my life failing MISERABLY in this industry using tactics that flat out didn’t work for me.

    Every thing you’ve been told to do by your upline is EXACTLY what I went through. Harassing friends and family, making useless name lists, buying booths in malls, at expo’s, buying lists of leads…

“I Did ALL Of That Crap And

It Got Me Absolutely No Where.”


    I’m not saying it can’t work… because clearly it can work for about 1% of network marketers. The thing you DON’T usually hear is how LONG it took those people to succeed using those tactics.

    Most people generally have to stay in the industry 5-20 years to really make enough contacts and build their network big enough to create the ‘Rock Star’ status we see strutting around stage.

    I don’t know about you… but I am WAY to impatient to wait TWENTY YEARS to really hit it big in this industry.

    Not only that… but what they were teaching me just sounded so DUMB. I just KNEW there had to be a better way to build a business in the modern age.

    I mean c’mon… things change over the course of 50 years don’t you think?

“And That’s Why I Was Led Step By Step To The Internet…”

    Once I arrived, I knew it would be utterly impossible to go back. I mean, how can you compare waking up to 73 new leads every day to pressuring aunt Stephanie to get on a conference call?

    It’s impossible. And that’s why I could NEVER go back.

    Because once you crack the code to REALLY using technology to produce endless new leads DAILY, and turning those leads into constant distributors in your downline there is NOTHING like it.

    There is no medium you will ever find as powerful as the Internet to make this happen. It is literally ‘God’s Gift’ to network marketers.

    And just so you can tangibly SEE THAT, I’ll share with you just a few of the results I’ve created using the exact tactics I’m getting ready to give to you today…

Instead of making $200 a month

my weekly checks from just ONE company

 went up to this:



Instead of chasing around people

who don’t even want what I have to offer,

my daily lead flow now looks like this:


Instead Of Stagnant and PITIFUL downlines

one of mine now looks like this….


Company #1: 2087 distributors in

less than 4 and a half months.


Company #2: 141 personal recruits

and $334,844 In The Bank.


And Instead Of Paying For My Leads I Turned All The People Who Don’t Join My Business Every Month  Into Future Sales Using Email Marketing Resulting In daily commission like This Below


$319.50 of Daily Profits from people that told me NO!


All of the above income and results are absolutely true…However please keep in mind that they are not typical and it’s my purpose to show you how to invest your energy and learning toward ultimately achieving results that are in direct correlation to what you devote to this endeavor.

   I know it’s hard to fathom right.

How does someone go from being such a bumbling idiot in this industry, with no professional contacts or skills, to cranking out RESULTS like you see above in less than 2 years online?

    I mean, these results are no joke, and to have done it at age 32 and in less than 2 years says something.

    And here’s the million dollar secret…

    While most people were out there doing MORE of what DOESN’T work… I was quietly mastering some of the most powerful Internet Marketing principles that have ever been known to man.

    I was quietly sitting in front of my computer, learning how to use YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Google +, Pinterest, Articles, Forums, Traffic Exchanges, Google Pay Per Click, Yahoo Pay Per Click, and so many other tactics it would BLOW your mind if you knew how much profit there is waiting for you online.

    While my uplines were stubbornly clinging to the same information that had been force fed to them, and refusing to change (the reason I left them), I was off BUILDING a massive empire using the cutting edge strategies privy only to the most ‘Aware’ networkers of today.

And This Is Exactly What I’m

Now Getting Ready To Teach You…

    You see, I’ve been listening very carefully to the struggles so many people in our industry have been having. I get emails, phone calls, and even letters every day from people who want my help to show them how to finally succeed in their businesses.

    I know that’s LACKING more than anything… is really a step-by-step instructional MAP that anyone can follow to tap into technology and create this level of massive success online.

    I know that more than ANYTHING, you need someone who can let you peer over their shoulder, and take you by the hand and guide you on how to USE each of these methods in the exact way you need to to create PROFOUND results.

I Realized I Needed To Do Something About This…

    You see, the best way for you to really learn this unbelievably powerful tool is to simply WATCH me as I market my business just like I do everyday. Once you can literally just ‘Peer’ over my shoulder and WATCH how to create campaigns that generate constant leads for your business… you’ll know exactly how to do this for yourself.

    So I decided I would begin teaching my BEST kept strategies. I decided I would literally go over Piece-by-Piece each of the things I do on a daily basis that has the cash register ringing and new distributors coming into my organization like most people wouldn’t believe.

    I call the creation of this knowledge to be ‘INFLUX ENTREPRENEUR MARKETING COURSE’.

    And this course contains literally the most secretive and POWERFUL strategies you will EVER find to start recruiting more reps into your business in a MONTH then the top producers in your company recruit all year.

And I’m Not Kidding About That…

    The first thing I did when I realized how badly this knowledge was needed in the industry was sit down and hand write a 97+ page manifesto detailing ALL the most important aspects of using technology to create profits like a fortune 500 company.

    As soon as I was done with that, I realized not only did you need the manifesto to act as your blueprint…but you needed to WATCH how I do everything as well so you could copy my every move. That’s when the INFLUX ENTREPRENEUR video tutorial series was born.

    And with this series as your guide my promise to you is… by the time you get done watching these video tutorials you will absolutely know how to generate 3-10 leads a day within the first 24 hours of picking up this course here today.

    If you follow just a FEW of my pieces of advice… you’re going to have more prospects than you’ve had in your LIFE BEFORE almost instantaneously from the time you get your hands on this knowledge. And I can make that guarantee after having watched HORDES of students experience the same thing.

Here’s Just A Few PIECES Of What You’ll Have Access To As Soon As You Have The Influx Entrepreneur Course In Your Hands:

[green_tick_1_list width=”100%”]

  • How to ‘Attract’ an IMMEDIATE 10 leads a day, who stick their hands up and said “I’m Interested In Your Business”, from the moment you have your hands on this course.  The crazy part is, once you’re there, I can show you how to grow that to 50, 100, even 1000’s of targeted new prospects PER day for your business.
  • The secret strategies I use to ‘Skip’ right by all the tire kickers and TARGET the market of people who are looking exactly for what I have to offer.  And honestly, it will flat out SHOCK YOU that recruiting is this easy when you’re targeting these people…
  • Why you will NEVER call a person who isn’t highly intrigued with you and your business ever again.  And when I say EVER… I mean it.  With this strategy, the day’s of rejection and self doubt are replaced with friendly conversation and you HELPING people actually find what their looking for…
  • A trick I learned from one of the top Internet Marketers in the world that you can use to pull free leads for your business all night and day requiring almost NO effort once it’s set up.   What’s nuts is… this one free strategy will continue to drive targeted leads that stuff money in the bank whether you do another darn thing or not.
  • How to brand yourself in such a powerful way that your prospects will literally REFUSE to join anyone BUT you in your company.  The first time this happened to me, I was shocked.  Now it’s just an every day normal thing…
  • Where to go and what to do to have your own super professional and emotionally appealing capture page in under 5 minutes that will suck leads for you like an ant eater on steroids, even if you have absolutely no web knowledge or skills.
  • My personal and closely guarded secrets I’m now revealing on how I sell thousands upon thousands of dollars of my companies main product on the Internet every month, and how you can copy exactly what I’m doing.
  • The secret strategy most people will never figure out that will have your BEST prospectspicking up the phone and calling YOU to learn about your business.  Not the other way around…
  • The golden of all golden nuggets… How to find all the people actively searching for your specific company (SUPER TARGETED), and pile them into your downline like you’re cranking distributors out from a manufacturing line.  (This will actually seem unfair because of how easy you’ll be dominating in your company.)
  • The highly effective and free article marketing strategy I used get over 17,000 unique visitors from ONE article, that has resulted in over 8 people joining my business in ONE month from just this ONE free tactic you’ll know in just a few minutes.
  • 3 simple ways to build a HUGE international organization, and have prospects calling you up in the middle of the night to join your business, even if you’ve never spoken to them before! (After I starting using this strategy I realized if I didn’t turn my phone off at night there was a good chance I’d wake up richer!)
  • How to build a completely automated system that educates, sifts, and sorts all your prospects in a way that is so simple…a 3rd grader would pull it off with total ease.
  • The Proven ways to make money off every single lead you ever generate even if they don’t join your business.  This one strategy ensures you ALWAYS stay in the ‘Green’ when doing your marketing…
  • How to use my very own ‘Personal Branding’ strategies in a way that will honestly make your prospects feel honored you picked up the phone and even CALLED them to talk about your business.
  • The shocking strategies behind getting over 17 separate checks plus  the one from your primary company every month….
  • A simple ‘works every time’ communication trick that will literally have people hanging on to your every word as they soak up whatever information you have to offer them.
  • How you can immediately access over 240,000,000 people, all hanging out on one site, who you can build relationships with and ultimately recruit new friends into your business.
  • Why if you’re not returning substantial profits off the 95% crowd of people who won’t join your business you’re literally THROWING money down the drain… and what to do about it.
  • Outrageous resources that successful online networkers use to have the advantage over 99% of all other non Internet networker marketers when it comes to generating hordes of fresh leads daily. (This is like access to a ‘magic’ tool shed.)
  • The simple science behind using your WORDS to recruit people on total autopilot, even if you’ve never picked up an web copy writing book in your life before.
  • The 5 part strategy I use to drive UNLIMITED targeted and free traffic to my capture pages which literally has built my organizations into the thousands.  And how you can follow it step-by-step-by-step to create the same results.
  • You’ll learn the one ‘Highly Profitable’ trick I’ve used that has resulted in my monthly marketing budget paying for itself with a HUGE surplus!  (Hint: It has to do with the funded proposal concept.)
  • How something as simple as writing a 250 word article can brand you as an expert in your industry, boost your credibility, and drive TONS of free and residual traffic to your personal lead capture pages and it only took you 7 minutes to do it.
  • 3 simple ways you can MASTER the art of marketing and have hordes of people hunting you down to get what you have to offer on a daily basis. When you are a master marketer …trust me… you are the one in command.
  • How you can completely copy the strategies of the top online marketers who use blogs to create massive free traffic, and use these strategies in your own business to sign up hordes of prospects and make a TON of money.
  • I know it’s crazy, but why rejecting 50% of the people you talk to will actually make your business grow stronger and faster, and position you as a much stronger leader in all your prospects eyes.  (as well as take your sponsoring mindset to a whole new level…)
  • Little known secrets about tapping into a website that receives over 1 billion views a day! You heard that correctly, 1 billion views. And when I show you how to tap into this traffic…you will literally have the ability to recruit an ENDLESS amount of people for the rest of time.
  • I’ll give you step-by-step instructions on how you can literally start networking with HUNDREDS of brand new prospects within 24 hours of reading this course. (And sign them up too.)
  • Why if you’re not generating at least 20 leads a day from the Web 2.0 PHENOMENON you seriously are in ‘Archaic’ network marketing times and need to come out of your cave in Afghanistan!
  • What to do in a 3 way call so you don’t actually HURT your business like most people (what we’ve been taught actually ‘De-Positions’ us in our prospects eyes), but can instead use 3 ways for their TRUE purpose of profitable relationship building.
  • 2 Ways you can start generating endless customers and leads for your business within the next 36 hours by capitalizing on a site that gets over 100,000,000 visitors a day…
  • How I’ve literally gotten over 61,200 views on only 3 simple YouTube videos I’ve made, that took me less than 20 minutes total.  And how to copy just this one strategy that has resulted in HUNDREDS to thousands of leads, and 5 figures+ monthly in my business.
  • Why if you’re not using the FREE social blogging site Squidoo to get TOP rankings in the search engines you are missing out on making the most money you’ve probably ever made in your life.  (I’m not kidding, it would shock you how much this tactic has made me…)
  • The secrets to setting up Team Co-ops that my partners and I have used to create over $30,000+ in additional advertising money EVERY MONTH for our business without spending a dime out of pocket…
  • How to literally DOMINATE Google, so you can own as much as 6 out of the top 10 spots on any market or niche you want to go after…without you EVER needing to know a darn thing about Search Engine Optimization.  (The secret is in who you know…)
  • The proven and ‘works every time’ method you can use to build relationships with THOUSANDS of people all at once …so they know you, respect you, and ultimately JOIN YOU in your primary business.[/green_tick_1_list]

Plus so much more…*But before we get to the fun part, again keep in mind that the above results are not typical and while you don’t have to learn quantum physics you will be required to study, invest, and apply this technology in your business in order to achieve results…There is no free lunch and if it sounds too good it probably is, we have worked hard andtruly enjoy what we do each and everyday.

The Crazy Part Is This We Have Not Even Started As Yet.

Honestly, I couldn’t even explain what happens to your life and your business once you really acquire these same powers.

    What I’ve found is that not only will the knowledge contained in the Influx Entrepreneur Course. We will develop you as a cutting edge network marketer… but upon me injecting this information into YOUR brain, it’s like you immediately become a MUCH more powerful entrepreneur because of it.

    It’s like learning this knowledge just starts to awaken within you a POWER you have…

    And all of a sudden you can use this power in so many different areas of your life. I don’t mean to be corny… but ever since I learned these marketing secrets… my life has changed drastically.

    I’ve met THOUSANDS of new people and formed some of the most amazing friendships of my life all on the Internet.

    I met my best online friend Stephanie Richards through one of my businesses and we have a fantastic relationship. I live in one of the most gorgeous parts of Pennsylvania. I routinely just take all my friends out for dinner, or movies, or I buy my parents meals whenever I see them…

    It’s just amazing how much good can come into your life when you HAVE the right strategies and tactics to succeed, and you use them wisely.

    And quite frankly, I think it’s virtually IMPOSSIBLE to find as much ‘Hard Core’ training as there is in The Influx Entrepreneur Marketing Course  ANYWHERE else on our planet right now.

    I mean, seriously, who else out there has documented and shown you that they have used these exact strategies to build MULTIPLE top producer organizations, having sponsored hundreds of people personally in less than 12 months and grown teams into the THOUSANDS using ultra powerful tactics like these?

    There is virtually NO ONE in the field, using these strategies with as much success as I currently am.

    And that should tell you something…

    It should tell you that if you want to learn how to create results like this, then its imperative you STUDY with those who are already doing it. That my friends, and is why it’s so imperative you take YOUR education seriously and really give yourself these advantages starting today.

    So lets go over in detail precisely what you’re going to get as soon as you get inside of

Influx Entrepreneur Marketing Course

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blog optimum[/order_box_3]

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increase converstion[/order_box_3]

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internet marketketing basics[/order_box_3]

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niche websites[/order_box_3]

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social media[/order_box_3]

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bonus 1 and 2[/order_box_3]

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bonus 3[/order_box_3]

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bonus 4[/order_box_3]

Now on top of giving away EVERYTHING that comes with the Influx Entrepreneur course already, I’m going to go over the top and add so much value to this package it’s going to be almost impossible to resist.

    You see, I LOVE leaders. I love people who take decisive action, and truthfully have no fear when it comes to learning, growing, and creating massive success for themselves.

    That’s why I’ve decided to give away some of the most valuable and profitable secret trainings I’ve ever come across as a fast action bonus just for ordering your copy of the Mastermind Course today. And literally, the value of these bonuses alone are enough to cause any network marketer to drool with anticipation over what’s going to happen to your business. Check them out here:


So you Can Sell your very own Products

When You’re ready

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