Just wanted to write a quick and simple over view and what we are doing at Influx Entrepreneur. It’s been some time testing and asking questions. Many have lost YouTube accounts, Amazon s3 with the unexpected bill, Facebook getting harder and harder to embed on blog post what if you can just create your video on your computer and post on your website just like you would a picture.

Yes that what we did.

Now you can host your videos right from your WordPress website. our premium video players give it an extra layer of class with a water mark logo. Over here at Influx we love branding and think of our customers first.  let me show you how simple it is to upload your video on the platform.

[jwplayer mediaid=”13230″]

Now that you see the simple way you can make a choice and decide to keep using the alternative ways as you have been doing . From an webmasters perspective the right thing to do is keep the customer on your website. This is the place we all call home, this is our store front this is where all the creative magic happens.  Now if you can part ways with $9 monthly and get everything you will need as a online professional you can do it yourself but i can assure you it won’t be this inexpensive.

As a network we can afford to give it away for so little. As an individual it might be just a bit harder to keep up the monthly cost for the server alone and lets not talk about the endless plugins and premium these you will have access to.

Hope you enjoyed this moment with us. see you on the next post.
Still want access? okay let go 🙂